What Happened With Who What Wear For Target?

This blog post is focusing on Who What Wear For Target.  What happened with Who What Wear for Target?  Is it still one of your must-haves brands?

What Happened With Who What Wear For Target?

Who What Wear For Target


What happened with Who What Wear (WWW) For Target? I have seen an evolution of the brand.  Started in 2006 by former Elle Magazine West Coast editor Katherine Power and Elle contributor Hillary Kerr.  The business began as a daily fashion eNewsletter and blog, with posts about the latest fashion news. Now the brand is now known as a fashion and lifestyle ecommerce and social media juggernaut.  WWW also produces clothing, books, fashion events, and Versed brand skincare products under the parent company Clique Brands.



In February 2016, Who What Wear partnered with department store retailer Target Corporation to launch a clothing and accessory line.  I can honestly say that I’ve been a day one fan of the collaboration.  At the time I wrote about wearing the new WWW X Target collab to a Super Bowl party.

”Writing to me is a way to get your feelings and ideas out. It is something everybody is capable of.” – Katherine Powers

Who What Wear For Target Plus-Size Issues

As much as I’m a fan of the brand.  I’ve also sided-eyed WWW and Target for not carrying the brand’s plus-sizes in-store.  After 6 years of partnering with Target, the brand has not used its influence to push for larger sizes to be carried in-store.  I say that because when the collaboration first started I saw the plus-size community heavily supporting each and every monthly drop.  Later seeing the Who What Wear collection their stand-alone label not offering plus-sizes at all answered that question for me.


Who What Wear For Target Goes From Must Have To I’ll Pass


When WWW first collaborated with Target the line was a must-have for the style-aware budget-friendly fashionistas.  The monthly WWW x Target drops were on par with Target’s designer collaborations.  The selections had a clear voice.  They also were on-trend and stylish.  For me, I wanted at3 pieces from each drop.

I have an upcoming conference so I preparing for that.  Searching for looks over the world wide web.  I stopped and thought to myself “I haven’t gotten anything from WWW x Target in a while.”  And then I thought why haven’t I been checking for my once-loved brand.  I was left thinking “Well they’re just not the same.

I’m not sure if the design team has changed?  Honestly, after 6 years I’m sure attrition has happened.  I’m wondering if with the attrition has the new hires aren’t bringing new blood.  Maybe I’m wrong.  There could be no attrition.  Maybe there is no new blood?  And there should be.



WWW x Target drops were a way for me as a plus-size woman to have access to on-trend fashion style.  I believed this even though I had to shop online for my size.  Again, I’ve been riding with the brand since ’16.  I’ve also popped over the separate Who What Wear collection site.  It’s mostly costly untrendy fashion or staple pieces for that matter.  Thinking out loud “Does the same team that works on the fashion styling for WWW x Target collection work on the separate Who What Wear collections?”  With both being blah I can see it.  I would love for them to hire some designers that are far off from the current brand and as the two fight over design ideas can meet in the middle.  The middle will bring new life back to my once must-have brand.




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