MOM 2.0 conference | How to prepare for a blogging conference

In this post, the focus is on the MOM 2.0 conference.  How to prepare for a blogging conference.


MOM 2.0 Conference

With the MOM 2.0 conference fast approaching here’s a checklist to make sure we’re prepared for this amazing event.  This post is sharing a checklist to make sure the most is received from attending MOM 2.0 conference.




MOM 2.0 Conference Checklist


MOM 2.0 conference is now less than 30 days away.  Where has the time gone?  I’m very excited to be attending this year.  I had major fomo from watching everyone having a great time over the years and I know I had to get in on the fun.  This year’s MOM 2.0 conference will include some of my favorite people as speakers.  With the likes of Natasha Nicholes, Alexis Maycock, and many more.  Here’s a quick checklist to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch.




MOM 2.0 Conference | Tickets

Purchase your MOM 2.0 – As of today, there are a few tickets for the event available.  Those tickets are available here.  The tickets are non-refundable and people’s plans do change.  You may see tickets online for resale.  BE CAREFUL!!!!  Those tickets are not guaranteed because they are not coming from the MOM 2 site.  Only purchase resale tickets from people you know and trust.  You don’t want to arrive and your ticket not be honored.

Did you know?  There is MOM 2.0 Facebook community page.  Discounted tickets can be purchased there through their transfer program.  You can find the page here.



MOM 2.0 Conference | Accommodations

Book Your Room – Rooms are going fast.  They can also get pricey.  If you’re renting a hotel room or an AirBNB you really need to book today.  The MOM 2.0 conference does have a host hotel.  The Intercontinental Los Angeles Downtown is where the conference will be held.  Getting a room there would be the best.

Did you know?  MOM 2.0 conference has another Facebook group that’s just for ticket holders.  Someone in the group may be looking for roommates.  The group is also a great place to ask other questions about the conference.  This group membership has to be approved because it’s for ticket holders only.



MOM 2.0 Conference | Get There

Flight/Train/Bus Tickets – By now you should know how you’re going to get to the conference.  If you’re not Los Angeles based travel plans should be booked.  I suggest arriving on Sunday before.

Did you know?  Save room in your suitcase for your swag and purchases.  Attendees will have access to purchase and receive items during the conference.  I can’t want to see the swag bag.




MOM 2.0 Conference | Looks

Plan Your Outfits – Que the music *You go to school to learn not for a fashion show*  This is not a fashion event however you do want be prepared and look your best.  You don’t have to have all the high-end labels.  The best looks are the ones that express creativity.  Time flies!  Make sure you have time for your orders to comfe in.  Along with time to try the clothes on and reorder if needed.

Did you know?  One of my favorite brands offers free delivery.  When you spend $49.99 you can get free 5-day shipping and 2-day shipping when $120 is spent.  Their size range is 00 to 28W.  Find all their latest affordable yet fashionable finds here.


MOM 2.0 Conference | Selfie Ready

Clean out our phone – This may seem very random but it’s not.  There’s nothing worse than having the perfect selfie all lined up with your favorite influencer and your phone says you’re out of memory.  Take the next couple of weeks and delete those old food pictures so that you’ll be able to capture all the fun without any issue.

Did you know?  If you can’t decide which pics to let go of simply save them to your computer and then remove them from your phone.



MOM 2.0 Conference | Ready For Business

Update your profile – Start updating your social media profiles.  Include a clear picture of yourself or your brand’s logo within the profile picture.  Also, make sure to include contact information.  It’s also important to update your media kit if you have one.  If you don’t have a media kit create one today.

Did you know?  Not every business is on social media.  For that reason alone it’s important to bring business cards.  Most companies that make business cards get them out quickly.  Affordable brands like Vista print and Moo are often used to get cards from.  I get mine custom made by Pretty Paper Party.


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