Amazon The Drop Taps Black Women Influencers

In the words of our good sister Issa Rae “I’m rooting for everybody Black.”  So to see that Amazon The Drop (ATD) taps Black women Influencers is pleasing to me and my homegirls.  I’ve happily supported them and you should also!

Amazon The Drop

What is Amazon The Drop?  Amazon The Drop where you can shop limited-edition collections designed by your favorite influencers.  It’s a great place to discover emerging trends and take style cues from those in the know.

How does Amazon The Drop work?  Once your favorite influencer’s collection drops, you have 30 hours to shop.  However, pieces may sell out before the 30 hours are up because fabrics are limited and each order placed is made on-demand.

Amazon The Drop Taps Black Women Influencers

Amazon The Drop Taps Black Women Influencers

Amazon The Drop taps Black women influencers to bring new collections to life.  I became aware of Amazon The Drop when influencer Signed Blake started promoting her first collection last year.  Knowing the importance of supporting Black creatives when they’re partnering with brands I reached out to other influences to promote her drop.  You can find the blog post on Dark Skinned Women, The Plus-Size Community & Social Media displaying how we each styled pieces from the first Signed Blake ATD.


Pictured in dress/jacket from Signed Blake ATD I 

The first Signed Blake Amazon The Drop was so successful Blake was tapped to create another collection (the collection goes live 05/11 and can see shopped here).  People are placing bets on which of the 6 pieces will sell out first.  I’m betting on the pleated pants pictured below.


Through the first Signed Blake ATD I found my fast favorite Jenee’ of highlowluxxe.  Her attainable luxxe style really spoke to me.  Watching her weekly on Youtube she’s become a friend in my head, lol.

Like Blake’s collection highlowluxxe’s collection was very successful as well.  She also has a second collection coming soon.  A release date has not been announced as of yet.  I have however seen images of the future drop.

See the full collection here.

Pictured in dress from highlowluxxe ATD I 


Amazon The Drop would then tap into the plus community with Kellie of itsmekellieb collection.  Kelli offered a 70 retro vibe that the plus-size needed just in time for spring.  I was over the moon to see not only a Black woman but a plus-size Black woman creating a collection was everything to me.  And a little birdie has told me that Kellie will also have a second collection in her future.

It’s great to see Black women making major moves!



Pictured in dress from itsmekellieb ATD I 

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