The Nina Parker Collection at Macy’s

Nina Parker aka Mz. Gossip Girl gave us a life update… “I created AND designed my own plus-size clothing line.”  And just like that the Nina Parker collection at Macy’s is the store’s first-ever plus-size line by a Black woman.  Will Nina have us summertime fine?

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The Nina Parker collection

“I don’t understand why big has to mean conservative.”

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Fed up with matronly full-figured fashions, Nina Parker decided to take matters into her own hands by creating and designing The Nina Parker collection for Macy’s.  In doing so Nina aka Mz. Gossip Girl is Macy’s first-ever plus-size line by a Black woman.


The Nina Parker collection

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Feeling like many plus-size women Nina Park of Nightly Pop shared this “With plus sizes, it’s like they want us to hide.” Or the shared experience of making it werk Parker states “I was tired of trying to make things work,” she explains to E! in her exclusive reveal. “I was tired of trying to make a square a peg fit into a circle. So, I was like, ‘Let me create my own circle.'”


Nina Is All In

Even the fit model needed her final approval. “With plus, you’ll have fit models, but they have flat stomachs,” she explains. “For me, when I’m shopping, I look at women who have bodies similar to mine to know how I’m going to look. So, if the person doesn’t have your body type then you might be discouraged. It’s important to me that our fit model had curves, a little FUPA, thick calves—those types of things women struggle with.”

The Nina Parker Collection at Macy's, plus-size fashion, Macy's, The Nina Parker Collection, plus-size fashion blogger

Nina is serving up tank tops, form-fitting dresses, denim, loud prints, and fun fabrics.  Including sequins!  Ms. Parker stated “I want them (plus-size women) to feel like they matter, like they are a bad bitch,” she further explains. “I want them to feel bossy, like they can walk in a room and everybody will take notice.”

Nina hopes to make the plus-size struggle nonexistent.  With plans to tackle shapewear, swimwear, shoes, and jewelry.  Stating “If you think it’s not available in your size, it will be.”

At this time we know there will be 17 pieces in the first launch.  The pieces will range in size from 16W to 24W.  With a price point starting at $39 and topping off at $129.  The Nina Parker Collection launches on and in-stores on May 14.




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