How To: Blog

Within this post, I’m talking about blogging.  How to Blog. Or How to start blogging.  Lastly, why are you blogging?



How To: Blog, plus-size blogger


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How To Blog?

One thing that is repeatedly asked of every blogger and influencer is how do I start my own platform. I see that question being asked on all social media whether its Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or youtube.  How to start on each of these platforms can vary.  Today, I’m going to talk about blogging at a high level.  We’re talking about the basics!



How To: Blog, plus-size blogger, thefatgirloffashion

How to start blogging?

To start blogging you would first have to pick where you like your platform to be housed. There are many options such as WordPress, Squarespace, Blogspot, or even Wixs just to name a few.  Selecting where to house your blog is very personal. People select different hosting sites for different reasons.  One reason could be cost.  Another could be the ability to sell merchandise on their site.  Others may be looking for hands-on support and community.  It would be best before selecting your hosting site to do some research.  Evaluate which one offers the most options that will fit your needs.


How To: Blog, plus-size blogger, Dia and Co


How About Microblogging?

There’s also the option of being a microblogger just on social media.  This is something I personally wouldn’t suggest.  If something happens to your social media account or if that platform all together ends you are left without a platform.  As a microblogger, you have now lost all your influence.  We can look at TikTok as an example.  The use of this social media platform is being banned in many countries.  The TikTokers with a large following are now trying to convert their followers to other platforms.  If they had there owned a website or blog site they could be directing their followers there.


How To: Blog, plus-size blogger, Dia & Co




Why are you blogging?

Before we go any farther talking about how to start blogging.  Or where to start blogging.  You must know why you want to start blogging.  Do you have a message for the world?  Do you have thoughts that need to be heard?  Just looking for free stuff?  Blogging is a 24/7 job.  It’s important to know why you’re starting because when times get rough you’ll be looking back to that reason as a way to keep going!



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