Social Media and The Plus-Size Community

Social Media and the plus-size community can be rough. I held my head high when trolls said I shouldn’t.



Social Media and The Plus-Size Community

The intersection of social media and the plus-size community hit me hard this past week.  I was featured on a popular plus-size clothing brand’s social media page and the comments weren’t pretty.  My feelings were not hurt because I know who I am!  And internet trolls only feel powerful behind their keyboards.  The situation got me to thinking why is the plus-size community like this?


Social Media and the plus-size community, plus-size grownRose Pink Bandeau Maxi Dress  Black Bandeau Maxi Dress

*Fit details: This bandeau style dress has a knot detail in the breast area and pleated finish. The fabric is slinky and super smooth and stretchy. I’m wearing a size 16 and I’m a standard 18/20. I could have sized down for a tighter fit but the 16 works well. The zip-back fastening dress is machine washable.  This soft and flowy dress is meant for a tall person but can be easily worn by a petite person like me by wearing heels or by knotting the grown at the bottom.

No Need To Be Rude

Comments about like an outfit are understandable.  To speak about not liking how a piece is styled is reasonable.  However, comments on a person’s shape are unnecessary.  I can only chalk it up to self-hate within the plus-size community.  Brands along with social media have programmed plus-size women to hate themselves.  The repeated use of models on the smaller end of the plus-size scale have women somewhat shook when they see a woman that looks like them come down their timeline.

Social Media and the plus-size community, internet trolls

Social Media and the plus-size community, social media



Finding Joy Online

We can find joy online by mining the business that pays us.  If there is nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.  There are many posts that can found within this site that speaks to supporting the plus-size community.  We need to normalize seeing all shapes and sizes.  Basically, think before you type!


Sidenote: The brand has reached out and is now looking to work with me more.  Letting me know that people who aren’t happy with themselves have no say over my life.

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