9 Thing About thefatgirloffashion

9 Things About thefatgirloffashion


Within this blog post, I’m answering some questions about me.  All questions come from the book 3000 Questions About Me.  And no I’m not answering all 3000, lol.  Only nine. 



What is your current state of mind?  I’m all over the place.  My main focus is working on my blog?  Refocus on my blog followers and giving them the content they want.  I’ve been writing for local newspaper, The Chicago Defender.  I’ve also worked on a post for thecurvyfashionista..  If you’re looking for special content let me know!

Which words or phrases do you most overuse?  I have a few.  The main one is “O.K. Girl”

Where would you most like to live?  I would love to live in New York.  What’s stopping me you may be thinking?  While the cost of living for one,  I can’t see myself living in a shoe box with 3 other people.  Next up would be Atlanta.  

What is your most treasured possession?  Funny but a found dollar my nephew gave me.  He’s my favorite human. 

Do you like the person you’re becoming?  Yes!  I’m loving me.  

What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn?  Hands down my Joker look.  

Would you rather own a private jet or luxury yacht?  I would have to have a private jet.  I love to travel.  

What is your favorite store at the mall?  Without a doubt Sephora!  

What are you “self-taught”?  I’m a self-taught blogger.  


Answer any one of the questions I have and leave your response in the comments. 


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