5 Daily Affirmations For Dark Skin Women & Girls

In this blog post,  You’ll get 5 daily affirmations for dark skin women and girls.

“Brown skin girl.  Your skin just like pearls.  The best thing in the world.” _Beyoncé


In this current era of colorism dark skin women and girl have to build themselves up.  Discrimination based on skin color which people are treated differently based on the social implications from cultural meanings attached to skin color is happening everyday.  I personally use daily affirmations to build myself up against what other say and do to make my feel bad about being a dark skin women.  I love me and I want other women and girls to love their dark skin too!


1. Be Yourself No Matter What They Say!

Remember you are the born for a long line of queens.  No matter what other have to say hold your head high.  Never let them see your crown slide!


2. Be So Good They Can’t Ignore Me.

Don’t give up on you.  Believe and pray.  Life isn’t always going to go in your favor.  But keep the faith knowing that the morning’s sun gives us hope.


3. I’m Doing What Makes My Soul Happy.

There is nothing wrong with making yourself happy.  You deserve the best and it’s o.k. to demand it.  Go for everything that’s your.


4. I’m Gorgeous.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  When others try to say otherwise just know they’re dead wrong.  You’re a dark skin queen.


5. Skin So Brown, Lips So Round Baby You Want To Be Down.

I’m a pretty face.  My dark skin and full lips are everything thing that makes my loved.  Remember people are paying big dollars to look like you.  Dark skin women are the beauty standard.



…and also take a little time and enjoy the view in the mirror.



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S H O P   T H I S  L O O K

Long Sleeve V-Neck Front Button-Down Blouse
Mid-Rise Relaxed Pants


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3 thoughts on “5 Daily Affirmations For Dark Skin Women & Girls

  1. I love this post! Your positivity and affirmations made me smile! Yes ma’am – you are gorgeous and worthy of all God’s best! Fearfully and wonderfully made — He knows you very well. 🙂

    “Be yourself no matter what they say.” Nothing is worse than being a cheap imitation. You are a Master’s original.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Love the style choices too. The yellow is beautiful! ♥

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