In this blog post,  We’re asking will people ever become comfortable with seeing plus size bodies.  Will plus size bodies showing skin ever rule the world?  My fat body can’t be shamed.

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As a plus size woman I’m not required to make others comfortable.  My mission in left is to be a good person.  To be kind.  To love hard.  And take up space and be a voice for women who are treated like they are the “other.”  When will people stop trying to people fat bodies?

A fat body does not equal unhealthy.  Fat body does not equal unsexy.  A fat body does not give others the right to play internet doctor.  Fat shaming shaded in the fake “I’m only saying this people I care” comments really need to end!


chicago blogger, plus size blogger, plus fashion, fat shamed



I have been plus size more much of my life.  The person I am today had to be groomed.  I didn’t always love me.  I was made to feel I needed to change how God made me in order to love and care for by others.  Self reflection and daily affections has a lot me to know better.  I won’t be shamed into returning back to that misguided girl.

I use my voice and let others know I’m happy with me.  Take me as I am.  If you can’t than get gone!  And that goes for strangers, family and friends.  I’d rather say good bye to a person than to lose myself trying to be something that I’m not.  I won’t be shamed!!!!


chicago blogger, plus size blogger, plus fashion, chicago media


Today I see more plus size women and men living their best life without shame.  When I was younger seeing someone shaped like me on TV, on the big screen or in a magazine was few and far between.  If there was a plus size person displayed they were often the happy-go-lucky best friend.  They would be the bud of the joke or loveless.  Just there to make the thin star look and feel better.

Not anymore!  I see women and men owning their plus size bodies everywhere.  From Lizzo taking other the music industry to Aidy Bryant shaking up things on the small screen the plus size community has a greater chance to see themselves in a position of power.  Not the goofy friend but the star and love interest.


chicago blogger, plus size blogger, plus size fashion, black chicago blogger


Will people ever become comfortable with seeing plus size bodies.  I can’t say yes but I won’t say no.  Times are changing but the plus community must keep pushing back and demanding more.  Let people know my fat body can’t be shamed and mean it!


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  1. I love this article. Its so true and its true that we don’t have to be reserved to being that best friend that no one wants – in real life or in the media. We deserve more than that!

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