21Ninety’s #SUMMIT21 RECAP DAY 1

I spent the first day of the second major event on my 2019 calendar celebrating women of color with other women of color.  Like the first event, the Blavity brand 21Ninety’s Summit21 is very F.U.B.U.



My Summit21 day began with me stopping by the registration desk.  I then headed to breakfast.  It was a great way to start my day.  Many of the attendees spent this time chatting and networking.  It was a wonderful time for me because I love to people watch.




21Ninety’s Summit21 was officially kicked off with a welcome from the Blavity founder Morgan DeBaun and actress Andrea Lewis.  The hosts greeted the crowd with a lot of energy.  I was so ready for a full day of events!



First Half Of Day One Summit21


The Summit21 conference offered two “tracks” for learning.  Leadership was track one.  Entrepreneurship is track two.  There was also a Level-Up option.  You were able to move within each track as you so fit and I really like that.




The first masterclass I attended was The Power Of An Idea From Concept To Completion at the Leadership Stage.  This masterclass was taught by Malliha Ahmad.  The class focused on how to make your ideas come to life.  She spoke about seeing your vision in real life and holding yourself accountable.

Masterclass take-away or quote: Every idea is not meant to be worked.  However, the ideas that need to be worked be sure to build a relationship with that idea.  Make that idea bae and seduce it daily.




The next course I attended was a fireside chat “The Creative’s Guide To Building A Loyal Audience with”  This fireside chat was lead by Alex Wolf and moderated by Sabine Quetant on the Leadership Stage.  

Fireside Chat or quote: Understand the difference between attention and presence.  Social media can alter your self worth as a creative.  You build your business on real connection and not quick interactions.



We then broke for lunch and access to the expo floor.  I know that I wanted to spend this time grabbing a quick bite and browsing the expo.

Each attendee was given a token that allowed them to select five items from the gifting suite.  The line for the gifting suite was long as each person was given the chance to walk to the area at their own pace.



Second Half Of Day One Summit21

The third course I wanted to attend was the masterclass Build Your Brand: PR, Marketing and More with Nichole Lynel at the entrepreneurship.  I missed it because I was still in the gifting suite.

Masterclass take-away or quote:  None.




The next course I able to attended was an AMA (Ask Me Anything).  This AMA: The Price Is Tight – How To Nail Your Pricing Without Sacrificing Your Worth from the entrepreneurship stage with Jereshia Hawk.  For me, she dropped some real eye-opening gems.

AMA take-away or quote:  The transformation can’t happen without a transaction.  You can place your coffee order but until the transaction is approved you won’t receive that order.  People respect what they pay for.



From the entrepreneurship stage, I attended the fireside chat “Secure The Bag: How To Land Financial Partnerships” with Lauren Wesley Wilson Color Com Network and moderated by Marissa Wilson.  The chat was focused on host mid to large scale events though brand partnership.

Panel take-away or quote: When you reach out to brands to sponsor your event ask for enough money so that they take you and your event serious.


Day one at ended at the leadership stage with a day 2 preview and closing remarks.  Along with a practice run for tomorrow’s Before I Let Go challenge.



Get the details on my look from Summit21 day one here.


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