Tips For Plus Size Online Dating

Have you ever thought about online dating?¬† I’m going to dip my toe into the dating pool again.¬† I’ve been so focused on my blog and working 9-5pm dating has been the last thing on my mind.¬† I created this blog post on Tips For Plus Size Online Dating as a refresher for myself and a push for another looking to join me.¬† Maybe I could start us new daters a Facebook group?



Below are 10 tips for plus size dating.¬†By the time you read this, I’ll have my profile up.¬† Wish me luck!

  1. Don’t waste time on the wrong online dating app.¬† Some apps have a hook-up only reputation.¬† If that’s not what you’re looking for I would stay away from those apps.¬† We’re all adults here you know what apps I’m talking about.
  2. A picture is worth a 1,000 word.¬† Use clear photos.¬† Don’t fill up your online dating profile with tons of pictures.¬† It’s not Instagram.¬†¬†I selected 5 pics max.¬† Face shot,¬†sitting shot, 3 full body¬†shots.¬† Rect pictures in different outfits are best.¬†¬†Make sure no one else is in the photos. All photos taken by DeeXDee.¬† Styling by TFGOF,
  3. Select an appropriate username.¬† Remember you get from the world what you put out into the world.¬† If you don’t want a ton of spam messages about sex I would stay away from usernames like bigtittykitty¬†or lilmzonlinesexy.
  4. Be honest in your bio.¬† Be honest from the beginning!¬† Lying about your age, what you do, or that you’re not really single is a no-no.¬† I wouldn’t put all my business out there but being untruthful is never the way.
  5. ¬†Know what you want and don’t lower your standards. ¬†We can’t just go for the first notification that comes our way. ¬†With that said being said be realistic with what you want.¬† I don’t think Idris Elba will be sliding in my DMs. ¬†But a can dream right!
  6. Be prepared to have something to say.  At this point, you have a choice to make.  How long do you plan on messaging before a meeting?  Are you here for a date or catfishing online messaging romance.
  7. Don’t share your other social media info.¬† You don’t want random people visiting your Facebook or Instagram without your knowledge.¬† It’s also a safety issue.¬† You’re a big fine woman who doesn’t need a stalker.
  8. Remember this should suppose to be fun.¬† Don’t get obsessed with one person.¬† Sis we’re not going to be waiting by the computer.
  9. This shouldn’t have to be said but I feel I must.¬† Don’t send money!¬† While you’re looking for love some are looking for a victim.
  10. Lastly, don’t let what others have to say get you down. ¬†There are internet trolls everywhere. ¬†Remember you have all the power and it’s called the delete button!


I received the featured look compliments of the ASOS, however; All opinions are my own. 

Hope this post offers some encouragement for those looking for love online.¬† I’ll report back in a month with my results.¬† Maybe a post of preparing for an online date.¬† Have you ever online dated?¬† Leave me some of your tips in the comments…..


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