2018 Travel And Event Wishlist

img_0371‚ÄúThe gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.‚Ä̬†_Sir Richard Burton



When I created ULTIMATE BUCKET LIST OF PLUS SIZE EVENTS in which I was simply outlining¬†events that plus sizes girls could attend.¬† I didn’t know so many would reach out and thank me for shining a light on what plus size events are out there.¬† Plus note a 2018¬†listing is coming soon!

This year I’ll be personal been venturing outside of those events to others that caught my eye last year to attend this one.¬† Of course, London for fashion week is a big trip for me but that’s not the only place I plan on going this year.¬† I’m listing a few places and events in hopes that if you’re able to attend we could connect as a show of plus size force.


I sometimes suffer¬†from a major case of FOMO (fear of missing out).¬† Social media hasn’t helped with my condition.¬† With that being said I want to¬†say live your best life.¬† Don’t look at what others are doing and think less of yourself because you can’t do.¬† I talk a lot about travel and the importance of attending certain events for the following reasons.

First, it’s important to get out and experience life.¬† When I started traveling I personally improved as a person.¬† When you see how others live you learn a lot about yourself.¬† You can go to the next state over and at times be in a whole new world.¬† Leave your local area and expand your memories.

Second, when I was child the only family trips I can really remember¬†were trips “down south” to places like Missippissi.¬† My mother as a single woman raising three children on her own on a minimum wage job didn’t have expendable¬†income to go on weeks-long trips across the world.¬† I understand money is a factor.¬† With that being said if you’re able to get a babysitter for the weekend TREAT YOURSELF.¬† As I saw my mother working so hard day after day I don’t think I would have felt any kind of way if she would have went away for the weekend with her girls.

These events¬†may not be for you but they’re on my wish list.¬† Whether you go with my list or do your own thing just do it!¬† Remember planning in advance and setting a budget is everything!!!!



img_0366VC POLO CLASSIC – I’m for any reason to pop champagne and this event is a very instagramable reason too!¬† Veuve Clicquot‚Äôs bi-annual celebration of polo and champagne is held in New York and Los Angeles.¬† I plan on attending the New York event on¬†June 2, 2018.¬† Ticketing information is currently not available¬†however you can find out more information on the overall VC Polo Classic event here.


img_0367Essence Festival – America’s Biggest Celebration Of Black Women Is Back!¬† Described as “the party with a purpose” and was the backdrop for 2017 hit movie “Girls Trips”.¬† The event offers music, beauty brands pop-ups, meetups and self-love overload, lol.¬† Essence holds their annual festival at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans.¬† This event This years event will run July 5-8,¬†2018.¬† For tickets and additional information¬†here.


img_0368Crop Over Festival –¬†Barbados crop over Monday,¬† June 25 and ends early August.¬† At the end of the¬†Crop Over¬†Festival in¬†Barbados ends a spectacular Carnival/Kadooment Parade happens.¬† This event celebrates the ending of the local Sugar Cane harvest, and is distinctly unique from the Carnival festivities in other Caribbean countries.¬† The big Carnival/Kadooment parade always takes place the first Monday in August. Therefore this year’s parade will be on¬†6th August.¬† ¬† Another Caribbean themed event I’m interested in attending is the Toronto carnival known as¬†Caribana.¬†Caribana Weekend 2018 will take place¬†Thursday, August 2nd – Monday, August 6th 2018.¬† ¬†What a decision?!¬†


img_0369Art Basel – Art Basel¬†is an international¬†art¬†fair with three shows staged annually in¬†Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Florida; and Hong Kong.¬† I plan on shaking the Chicago cold for to Miami beaches.¬† This year’s Art Basel Miami event takes place¬†December 6 – 9, 2018 at Miami Beach Convention Center.¬† However, there’s so many events happen like pop-up art shows, music concerts, and fashion shows if I can’t attend the official “Art Basel” I can still live it up.

Where would you go if money and time wouldn’t be a factor?.


Feel free to tweet me at @fatgirl_fashion or message me on Facebook here if you’re planning to attend any of these events or for any other reasons, lol.¬† ¬† ¬†¬†







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    1. Lollapalooza is in Chicago so if you attend make sure to hit me up. I’m doing Essence and the Caribbean so let’s connect.

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