A BLACK BOY IN AMERICA ..“What’s better than one billionaire? Two (two) ‘Specially if they’re from the same hue as you.  Y’all stop me when I stop tellin’ the truth” _ JAY Z (Family Feud)



A question I’m often asked when I’m being Ubered home to my Southshore home is “Is this neighborhood safe?”  

When I was first ask this question I was caught off guard.  What?  How was I suppose to respond?  What were the person(s) asking the question looking to hear?  I mean they were driving a professional black women pass the lakeshore and a golf course into a neighborhood of beautiful homes and apartment building.  After being asked this question over 100 times by non black Uber drives I’ve started responding by saying “No place is safe for blacks in America.”  The rest of my ride is more likely to be silent.

The answer given so I could be left alone is truer than true.  This is scary.  I personally live a carefree life.  I’m aware of all the issue facing the black community.  I know that the odds are against people of color in many aspect of our lives.  Schools, jobs, or even getting stopped by the police.  If an officer leaves you alive with a ticket as a black person you feel blessed.

As people of all colors celebrate the birth of this nation I look at this black boy with eyes like mine and wonder what are they celebrating for?  They are celebrating the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in1776.  In 1776 “blacks” were not free and can be argued that some 240 years later blacks still aren’t.


A black boy in America .


This black boy is sweet and kind.  This black boy is smart and loving.  Will life in America change this black boy’s soul.  This black boy loves his family and has big dreams for the future.  We have done a good job protecting him from America.  Life for a black male in America is not like anyone else.  As a black women I wouldn’t even try to compare my life to that of a black man.  That truths makes me hope, wish and prayer hard for black boys in America.



A black boy in America

As this little black boy played his way though the Museum of Science and Industry telling me all his goals.  I couldn’t help but to think will America allow him?!




a black boy in America .......




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