No White After Labor Day & A Few Other Plus Size Fashion Rules To Break

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The after¬†Labor Day ban¬†on wearing white clothing has been a long ranked etiquette rules. Why aren’t we supposed to wear white after Labor Day? ¬†The start of the no white after Labor Day rule is unknown. ¬†So I’m here to say “Let it go” in my Elsa voice.

It use to be¬†practical not to wear white because people use to change full their wardrobe as the seasons changed. ¬†Today we don’t do that. ¬†I often blend in some of my “summer” fashions into my fall and winter looks to add color. ¬†The dark and colder times of the year make me feel a little down. ¬†Often called Winter Blues. ¬†It can be more severe in others and that’s called Seasonal affective disorder (SAD). ¬†So to brighten up some of those day when I’m feeling down I add a pop of bright color ¬†to help. ¬†In¬†the 1920s, Coco Chanel made white a year-round staple. ¬†White looks are very eye catching¬†when done right. ¬†Try white in a heavier fabric as it get’s colder.


Join the campaign: 1. Take a FAB pic showing your arms ūüí™ūüŹľ 2. Tag the pic -> #ShowYourArms ūüí™ūüŹĺ 3. '@' a friend to show her arms ūüí™ūüŹĹ THAT'S IT! The prize is #PRIDE. This one little step can open a world of #selfesteem boosting and #confidence! – – – The response to the #showyourarms campaign has been AMAZING! People have been sending messages and coming up to me saying they are much more confident to show their arms this summer. That's ALL I wanted to accomplish! ūüė¨ #ShowYourArms this summer! So many women are ashamed of their arms. Girl, let it go! Let's show the world we are #proud of our WHOLE bodies no matter what! – – #plussize #nashvilleblogger #plussizeblogger #plussizestyle #fashionblogger #plusstyle #tennesseeblogger #tagafriend #fashion #summerstyle #summer16 #fatarms #bodyconfidence #effyourbeautystandards #bbw #beautifulwomen #psblogger #stylefilesplus #fullfiguredfashion

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Another rule to let go is that plus women shouldn’t have their arms out. ¬†My blogger boo Melissa of Fabglance lead a campaign called #SHOWYOURARMS. ¬†She asked women to face this rule head on. ¬†I was all to glad to support her movement.

Get outfit details here.


Melissa want this to be one little step can open a world of self esteem boosting and confidence! ¬†She¬†added the response to the #showyourarms¬†campaign has been AMAZING! People have been sending messages and coming up to her¬†saying they are much more confident to show their arms this summer. That’s all she¬†wanted to accomplish! ¬†Many women¬†are¬†ashamed of their arms. We should take pride in¬†every part of our body. ¬†Honestly! Truly! I don’t care for sleeves anyway, lol.


Photo from theCurvycon.  See other happening theCurvycon here.


Another rule that needs to be thrown out the window is that plus size girls shouldn’t wear stripes. ¬†I hear so many women say they don’t wear stripes because they feel it makes them look fat. ¬†Chances are if you “look” fat than you’re probably fat. ¬†So don’t pass up a fab looks worrying about’s what already true.

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stripes wide stripes stripe ri dress pink stripe dress!

Thin Stripe Dress | Wide Stripe Dress | Horizontal Stripe Dress | Pink Stripe Dress

Try one of these super cute striped looks

I first wore this look in my post Pattern Black and White.

Patten on patten can be scary at any size but the rule that plus size women shouldn’t wear patten on patten is one I love to see broken. ¬†Done right this bold look and be super chic. ¬†Patten on patten can also allow you to mix prints. ¬†Staying in the same color family makes the look easier to achieve. Here are some fashion forward cuties doing this style justice.

Now that you know the rules go out and break them all, lol.

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labor day

labor day 1Dress| Similar¬†‚Ė† Nails| Here¬†‚Ė† Earrings | Similar¬†‚Ė† Lippie | here


Tag me in all your rule breaking looks!

Thank you Rachell of eattheburbs for taking these amazing photos.  


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