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Fashion bombs certainly went off in when Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily and Miss Diddy of TheBrandGroup.LA  teamed up to host The Bomb Life 101 РCHICAGO edition.  This fashion explosion took place at trendy event space 19 East.   


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The day’s event started with a Bomb Life 101. ¬†The Cocktails with Claire featuring Miss Diddy LA series now offers more than just cocktails and shopping. ¬†They’ve included a¬†brunch panel called ” The Bomb Life 101- Breaking Into Entertainment! ¬†The Bomb Life 101 “Breaking into Fashion” Chicago panel included Claire, Miss Diddy and a few of ChiTown personalities like WGCI’s¬†Kendra G¬†&¬†Bryson Milan¬†owner Bobby Simmons and was rounded out¬†with¬†celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff.


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Bomb Life 101 was a great to me. ¬†I’ll be honest Claire is a huge inspiration to me. ¬†It was great hearing her story. ¬†It was also great hearing from other panelist. ¬†They spoke of their struggles and their belief that God¬†will help you though when the the hard time hit.

They all had really great things to offer a person trying to break into the entertainment industry.  Claire spoke about stepping out on faith when others doubt your dream.  She told us that she rejected by many of the fashion publication she applied for.  With an email mailbox full of rejection letters she created Fashion Bomb Daily.  Her brand is now known the world over.


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Former NBA player turn business man¬†Bobby Simmons shared how sometimes you have to go left when the world is trying to force you to go right. ¬†He added you have to¬†be patient that success doesn’t just come because you want it to.


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I was most impressed with Miss Diddy and what she had to offer to the Bomb Life 101 conversation. ¬†She spoke about how the life in the entertainment business is not all fun and games. ¬†She told the fashionable crowd that you have to treat your brand like any other business. ¬†She said you must put in hard work and she doesn’t just brunch and lunch while slipping champagne. ¬†Her friends just can’t call her at 11 saying let’s go shopping. ¬†She works her own business like a 9 to 5.

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WGCI’s radio personalities Kendra G¬†stressed the importance of having a good balance of work life and personal like. ¬†She also said that the person you gave a chance to may turn around and be the one who gives you a chance.


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Celebrity makeup artist Ashunta Sheriff¬†stressed¬†the importance of having your mind focused on your finances. ¬†She said having the latest bags and shoes are great but you have to be able to support you’re if it all falls apart.

After the Bomb Life 101 panel ended I was happy to see many of my blogger boos.

Cocktails with Claire 10Pictured with media maven Julie Hightower


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cocktail with Claire 30I want to thank my friends Keyonda of arealurbanmom and Margo my future assistant (inside joke) for attending this event with me as my invited guests.

I suggest you read Claire’s post “A Letter to Fashion Industry Hopefuls”¬†for some other does and don’ts of breaking into the fashion industry.

The panel was followed up with cocktails and shopping.


Claire & Miss Diddy believe empowerment & positive change is something that everyone can get behind!  The Cocktails with Claire & Miss Diddy Chicago event worked with Cure Violence and Ceasefire Movement to raise funds and awareness about reducing violence globally and educating the world on how to prevent violence.  A portion of proceeds from this Toyota sponsored event will go to Cure Violence.  These organization are focused on deescalating violent situations and providing solutions to civil rights injustices.
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You can see all the fun from the Cocktails with Claire  X Miss Diddy Chicago event by using the hashtags #CocktailsWithClaire on all social media

See Snaps from #The CocktailsWithClaire| CHICAGO EDITION here.



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