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I received the SEPHORA COLLECTION Hand Mask  in Avocado as part of my platinum gift bag from theCurvycon.  I had been looking to purchase the hand mask for a while but for some reason I just never made the purchase.  So when I saw that J.C. Penney included it in the bag I was so very happy.  The avocado option offers intense nutrition to nourish and soothe hands. I’m so here for it!

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What’s a hand mask?   It’s a hand care treatments, each one (3 formulas available) with a different benefit, that offers 15 minutes of pure bliss.  Inspired by Asian beauty rituals, the Sephora Collection hand masks provide an effective solution to meet every need. The single pair of non-drip, coated gloves will take care of your hands as you continue what you’re doing. Each offers a skin-enhancing benefit. The hand masks are are designed to be pleasant to wear and are quick and easy to use.

sephora hand maskEach package comes with 1 set of gloves.

Sephora suggest you put the gloves on clean, dry hands.  Peel the paper-film off the tab, fold around the wrist and press it to close well.  Leave on for 15 minutes afterwards gently massage in any excess product into the skin.  Because you’ll be rubbing in the excess there is no need to rinse.


sephora avocado hand masksephora argan hand masksephora aloe vera hand mask

Avocado comes with natural avocado extract to sooth and nourish.  Nourishing & repairing offers intense nutrition to nourish and soothe hands.

Argan provides hands with a more even skintone for an antiaging effect. Moisturizes and provides a more even, supple appearance.

Aloe Vera offers intense moisture for beautiful hands.  It’s ultra-moisturizing & Beautifying.  

My thoughts!

I want you to know I’ve used items from the SEPHORA COLLECTION Face Mask before so I’m not new to the products and how they should work.  I’ve used mask in Green TeaLotus and my favorite & go to is Rose. Rose is the best for my dry skin!  I’ve also used the SEPHORA COLLECTION Eye Mask in Pearl.  I wasn’t super impressed.  I think because I need my whole face to be moisturize and not just a under eye focus.  However I am going to try it again.  Next time when I do a mud mask I’m going to use it so that the focus it’s just not the under eye alone.   

My first impression of SEPHORA COLLECTION Hand Mask  in Avocado it’s BOMB!


The gloves fit my fat little hands.  I was concerned that the gloves wouldn’t fit and they did.  Another concern I had was the was smell.  The name is avocado so as a fat girl I’m not trying to be out just smelling like food, lol.  There was no noticeable smell.  My hands were left feeling soft and smooth.  This is something I would defiantly purchase.



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