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The current movie being screened:
Screening date: Wednesday, March 9th
Screening time: 7:00PM
Screen location:
AMC River East
322 E Illinois St
Chicago, IL 60611
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Movie Info
A Liongate/Codeblackfilms film, The Perfect Match, stars Terrence J. as Charlie, a playboy who’s convinced that relationships are dead. His two best friends, Donald Faison and Robert C. Riley, bet him that if he sticks to one woman for one month, he’s bound to get attached. Charlie denies this until he crosses paths with the beautiful and mysterious Eva, played by singer/actress Cassie. They may agree to a casual affair, but eventually Charlie is questioning whether he may actually want more. The Perfect Match opens in theaters March 11th
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At the movies is a new section I’ve added to  I will be providing links to movie screening passes for new movies.  I want to let you know a little about the passes.  These are first come first serve.  This means signing up for a pass does not guarantee entry to the movie.  Entry is based on seat availability when you reach the first of the line.  I suggest that you arrive to the movie theater early so that you can gain entry to the movie showing.  I will only be offering FREE viewing passes.  You will NEVER have to pay.  Don’t pay for passes or entry.  If someone ask for you to pay they are scamming you.  I only ask that you use my hashtag #FatGirlApproved on social media when sharing info on the movie you’re going to see or have seen using my link  PASS WILL BE UPDATE OFTEN SO CHECK BACK DAILY FOR NEW MOVIE PASSES Oh one last thing, Food is not included.  So bring a few dollars to cover food and drink if you want to have a snack while watching the movie.  I’m excited to offer you free viewings and I hope you enjoy the movie!!


Lately I’ve be doing most of my photo posting on snapchat @fatgirl_fashion.  My snapchat friends were the first to know about the free movie passes.  So to let you know, I’ll be in ATL in April/May for Beyonce’s Formation tour, NYC in June for theCurvycon and L.A. in August for some fun in the sun.  So be sure to follow me there so you don’t miss any of the action. can be found on Facebook/thefatgirloffashion and Twitter @fatgirl_fashion also.

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