River Island Launches Plus-Size Collection


River Island is one of the most successful companies on *High Street with over 60 years of fashion retailing experience.  They have now thrown their hat in the plus size arena.  In 2013 RI linked up with our favorite bad gal Rihanna and she placed RL on my radar.  So I was very excited when I hear that River Island decided to launch a plus line.  Yes!! You read it right River Island is launching RI Plus.  The plus size collection will offer some select staple pieces and main fashion styles in sizes 18 to 24.

River Island marketing director Josie Roscop was quoted as saying “We’re excited about giving great fashion to more women, we feel this is the right time for the brand to expand our size range offering.  Ultimately, it’s about fashion and being inclusive.”

Here are a few of my favorite pieces from the latest RL Plus collections.

img_1532‘Stay Beautiful’ print T-shirt

img_1533-1Molly diamante hem jeggings

img_1534Pineapple ruched halter bikini top | Pineapple high waisted bikini bottoms

img_1535Polka dot cold shoulder tea dress

You can find the full line here.

RI Plus will include pieces from all areas of the brand’s collections.  Candice Huffine the original face of  RI Plus said “The fact that River Island is extending their sizing while staying true to their brand is perfection.  It’s clear that they have thought about a curvy woman’s body and designed accordingly while giving her exactly what can be found on the high street at any other size.  a plus-size collection doesn’t need to be made totally different, it just needs to be made to fit.”

RL plus is available at riverisland.com with prices ranging from roughly $10 to $190 (US).

Are you excited that River Island is offering plus size?



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*High Street (or the High Street, also High Road) is a metonym for the concept (and frequently the street name) of the primary business street of towns or cities, especially in the United Kingdom. To distinguish it from “centres” of nearby places it is frequently preceded unofficially by the name of its settlement. In a town it implies the focal point for business, especially shops and street stalls (if any) in town and city centres. As a generic shorthand presupposed upon linear settlements it may be used to denote more precise concepts such as the urban retail sector, town centre sectors of employment, all small shops and services outlets and even wider concepts taking in social concepts.

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