Pepsi’s #TheRecipe Chicago Event

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Pepsi has partnered with the NFL make The Recipe.  They are showing what combination of ingredients are need to make black history now.

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I attend Pepsi’s celebration of black history now, #TheRecipe, Chicago event. ¬†#TheRecipe Chicago was hosted by Mack Wilds and Angela Simmons. ¬†Held at Little Black Pearl, Pepsi¬†honored Chicago people making Black history now. ¬†The event was also a networking opportunity¬†with innovators in diverse fields. ¬†It was great to see Chicago locals share their recipe for success to change the game. ¬†The Chicago honorees included the Chicago Bears’ Matt Forte, world famous artist Hebru Brantley, and founders of Sir & Madame, husband and wife duo, Brian & Autumn Merritt.

The honorees were asked questions by the host Mack Wilds and Angela Simmons. ¬†I even got a chance to ask the entire panel a question. ¬†I asked them in their respective fields who have they met or worked with that had them like wow! ¬†Matt Forte said it was Jerry Rice. ¬†After playing against Jerry Rice; Jerry came over to him when the game was over and said he respected his work on the field. Hebru Brantley said he’s normally not star struck but found himself speechless when George Lucas joined him in his art studio. ¬†Brian of Sir & Madame said when a brand reached out to them to create a limited edition leather bag.

I really enjoyed this panel. ¬†Many times when I attend encouragement type panels. ¬†I hear the same ole same ole on how a good education will take you far. ¬†This panel really spoke to me. ¬†As a blogger with no personal example with a blue print. ¬†I’m the first person I know to start a blog. ¬†The panelists were like me, the first in their family to do what their doing. ¬†They all did however share a common theme of having true passion for what they were doing and leaning on their faith when times got hard. ¬†Hebru said he had a “Cash Money Music”¬†attitude when he started. ¬†Meaning he recognized he had to hustle to get his art sold. ¬†Brian & Autumn said it’s important to know what you’re good at and just as important to know what you’re not good at. ¬†They both agreed team building is key.

Of all the things that were discussed what stuck with me came for Autumn of Sir & Madame. ¬†She said “If there’s something that you want and you don’t see it create it.” ¬†That’s why I started ¬†I didn’t see a plus size brown girl exploring Chicago and the world. ¬†I want to show women of color that world is a lot bigger than just the block you live on. I also want plus size women to know you are fabulous no matter what your dress size is.

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To see friends to in one place made this one of greatest events I’ve been to in a long time. ¬†Women like blogger Tot Kelly of, event planner LaToya Keys of, blogger BeBe Jones of¬†and Vintage clothing store owner Margarita Williams of¬†are making history now by creating a name for themselves in their fields here in Chicago and beyond.

Below are pictures from networking that took place after the panel ended.

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Chicago is one of 4 locations the Pepsi held the Black history event.  The other location include Detroit, Atlanta and Washington.

When I took the Recipe Quiz to create my own personal recipe card I was named a playmaker!

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With Pepsi’s recipe quiz you can be the Game Changer, the Rising Stars, the Playmaker, the Showstopper, the Field General¬†or theCrunch-time Performer.

Learn more about The Recipe, Pepsi’s collaboration with the NFL, here.

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