In Living Color

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Have you ever heard the expression “Can’t see the forest for the trees.” ¬†Sometimes we’re who too involved in the details of a problem to look at the situation as a whole. ¬†It doesn’t matter what our problem is. ¬†Whether it’s love, money or health. ¬†For curvy women it’s comes when we think of wearing color.

Spring is fast approaching and it’s time to ditch those black dresses and add some color. ¬†I know some plus women shy away from color for fear they’ll draw more attention to our size. ¬†Curvy girls have been trained that black is slimming. ¬†I’m here to say that a well made dress can be slimming even in color.

I found this orange (red aurora) sheath dress while online shopping. ¬†It’s from plus size label Arthur S. Levine¬†found exclusively at Nordstrom. ¬†I’m glad I got it. ¬†The website’s picture doesn’t do this beauty dress justice. ¬†I really wanted to add more bright colors to my closet in an effort to help with my self diagnosed seasonal affective disorder. ¬†In speaking with a friend she said that she doesn’t wear colored dresses because she doesn’t want to be the center of attention. ¬†I told her being plus size often times we’re the biggest person let alone women in the room. ¬†We are already the center of attention. ¬†A little color won’t make a huge difference.

This Arthur S. Levine dress comes in many colors. ¬†Three of them bright and ready to usher you into Spring. ¬†The other 2 are darker colors and are just lovely. ¬†I under not everyone is ready to walk into a room and say “I’m here” without opening their mouth, lol. ¬†Whatever color you choose to wear just do what you wanna do in living color



Nordstrom stopI added a metallic shoe (similar)  and a bright purse (similar) to complete my look .

 Nordstrom look

Nordstrom laugh Nordstrom 2


I’ll be in NYC in June and you should join me. ¬†To see what I’m doing click here.


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