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I was invited to celebrate a friend and fellow blogger birthday.  Keyonda’s ( birthday fell on Beyoncé day aka Super Bowl Sunday so she threw a super bowl party.  I personally had never been to a Super Bowl party.  I’ve usually sat around with friends waiting on the half time show but never attended a true party.  If you know me you know I love a party and with Beyoncé releasing the song and video “Formation” (Plus Size Fashions Inspired By Formation Video) the day before SB50.  I knew we all would be sure to have a great time.    Keyonda was a prefect host.  She has a menu planned.  Her only request was the each guest bring a bottle of wine.  I took one of my favorite bottles; Red Moscato by Moiselle .  It’s a California brand from the discount food chain Aldi.  It’s a product from known wine makers  E. & J. Gallo Winery of Modesto, CA.  It has a favorable taste with a peach and dark cherries note.  The moscato comes in a bright red berry finish.  The makers of the wine suggest you pair it with mild cheeses, fruit or desserts.  I prefer sweet wines, so I think it goes well with anything.  Purchasing Moiselle from Aldi is so affordable I took two bottles to the party.

I asked some of the other party goers if they like the wine.  Everyone I asked said they really enjoyed it.  I guess the empty bottle was all the proof I needed.

SB50 12

SB50 20

Keyonda’s party also gave me a good reason to wear my new vest from Target.  This long trench vest is from the Who What Wear collection.  Who What Wear is Target’s new monthly fashion collection that includes plus size (plus size available online only).  You can read about my issue with it only being only sold online in my Dear Target Letter.

SB50 14

The plus trench vest comes in one color;  A beautiful olive green.  This long vest has all the fashionable details of a classic trench coat.  It comes with tailored flaps pockets at the chest and hips.  The vest also has button-flap shoulders.  They added a stylish twist by making it sleeveless.  The open front vest has an adjustable waistband;  That’s great for curvy girl.  I like that the fabric is lightweight and machine washable.  The sizing for this is very generous.  I ordered the vest in 4 of 5 the sizes because I really wanted it but I had no real sizing to work off off.  As a new collection it was hard for me to gauge the true sizing.  I can stay the sizing chart on the Target website was shot on.  I’m wearing the vest in a size 1X.  I’m 5 ft and I normally wear a 16w to 18w or 2x to 3x in junior plus.  I feel after wearing the vest and reviewing the Target sizing chart I should have purchased it in X.  I like when brands include the model sizing info, Target didn’tjua little to big I’m happy with my purchase.  It’s not something I’ve seen availablekj in plus size before.  Plus the price is affordable.  This Target Who What Wear collection trench vest is #fatgirlapproved.




whowhowear superbowl

For the Super Bowl party I mirrored the pairing from the Who What Wear ad but this vest can styled the vest many different ways.  I’ll be offering more style inspiration  on Instagram and Snapchat for fashionistas thinking about adding this trench vest to their wardrobe.

Being a Chicago girl born and raised it’s hard to cheer for any team other than the Bears.  Since they didn’t play in this super bowl I choose to cheer for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers.  Sadly I didn’t picked the winner!  Other than that, I really enjoyed myself at Keyonda’s party.  Now let’s just hope this is a regular thing!

SB50 2

Trench Vest: Target ♦ Top – Lane Bryant (similar)   Jeans –  Torrid (similar)  Clutch –Nordstrom (similar)  Watch – Kohl’s (similar) ♦ Bracelet – Lane Bryant (similar) ♦Pumps – Nordstrom (similar) 

whowhowear superbowl  LANE BRYANT TOP  torrid  LIP PURSE kohl's watch.png  superbowl RED HEELS


More party pictures!!!

SB50 4










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