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I was invited to celebrate a friend and fellow blogger birthday. ¬†Keyonda’s ( birthday fell on Beyonc√© day aka Super Bowl Sunday so she threw a super bowl party. ¬†I personally had never been to a Super Bowl party. ¬†I’ve usually sat around with friends waiting on the half time show but never attended a true party. ¬†If you know me you know I love a party and with Beyonc√© releasing the song and video¬†“Formation” (Plus Size Fashions Inspired By Formation Video) the day before SB50. ¬†I knew we all would be sure to have a great time. ¬† ¬†Keyonda was a prefect host. ¬†She has a menu planned. ¬†Her only request was the each guest bring a bottle of wine. ¬†I took one of my favorite bottles; Red Moscato by Moiselle . ¬†It’s a California brand from the discount food chain Aldi. ¬†It’s a product from known wine makers ¬†E. & J. Gallo Winery of Modesto, CA. ¬†It has a favorable taste with a peach and dark cherries note. ¬†The moscato comes in a bright red berry finish. ¬†The makers of the wine suggest you pair it with mild cheeses, fruit or desserts. ¬†I prefer sweet wines, so I think it goes well with anything. ¬†Purchasing Moiselle from Aldi is so affordable I took two bottles to the party.

I asked some of the other party goers if they like the wine.  Everyone I asked said they really enjoyed it.  I guess the empty bottle was all the proof I needed.

SB50 12

SB50 20

Keyonda’s party also gave me a good reason to wear my new vest from Target. ¬†This long trench vest is from the Who What Wear collection. ¬†Who What Wear is Target’s new monthly fashion collection that includes plus size (plus size available online only). ¬†You can read about my issue with it only being only sold online in my Dear Target Letter.

SB50 14

The plus¬†trench vest comes in one color; ¬†A beautiful olive green. ¬†This long vest has all the fashionable details of a classic trench coat. ¬†It comes with tailored flaps pockets at the chest and hips. ¬†The vest also has button-flap shoulders. ¬†They added a stylish twist by making it sleeveless. ¬†The open front vest has an adjustable waistband; ¬†That’s great for curvy girl. ¬†I like that the fabric is lightweight and machine washable. ¬†The sizing for this is very¬†generous. ¬†I ordered the vest in 4 of 5 the sizes because I really wanted it but I had no real¬†sizing to work off off. ¬†As a new collection it was hard for me to gauge¬†the true sizing. ¬†I can stay the sizing chart on the Target website was shot on. ¬†I’m wearing the vest in a size 1X. ¬†I’m 5 ft and I normally wear a 16w to 18w or 2x to 3x in junior plus. ¬†I feel after wearing the vest and reviewing the Target sizing chart I should have purchased it in X. ¬†I like when brands include the model sizing info, Target didn’tjua little to big I’m happy with my purchase. ¬†It’s not something I’ve seen availablekj¬†in plus size before. ¬†Plus the price is affordable. ¬†This¬†Target¬†Who What Wear collection¬†trench vest¬†is #fatgirlapproved.




whowhowear superbowl

For the Super Bowl party I mirrored the pairing from the Who What Wear ad but this vest¬†can styled the vest many different ways. ¬†I’ll be offering more style inspiration ¬†on Instagram and Snapchat¬†for fashionistas thinking about adding this¬†trench vest¬†to their wardrobe.

Being a Chicago girl born and raised it’s hard to cheer for any team other than the Bears. ¬†Since they didn’t play in this super bowl I choose to cheer for Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. ¬†Sadly¬†I didn’t picked the winner! ¬†Other than that, I really enjoyed myself at¬†Keyonda’s party. ¬†Now let’s just hope this is a regular thing!

SB50 2

Trench Vest:¬†Target ‚ô¶ Top –¬†Lane Bryant (similar) ¬†‚ô¶¬†Jeans – ¬†Torrid¬†(similar)¬†‚ô¶¬†Clutch ‚ÄďNordstrom (similar)¬†‚ô¶ Watch ‚ÄstKohl’s (similar)¬†‚ô¶¬†Bracelet¬†‚ÄstLane Bryant (similar)¬†‚ô¶Pumps¬†‚ÄstNordstrom (similar)¬†

whowhowear superbowl  LANE BRYANT TOP  torrid  LIP PURSE kohl's watch.png  superbowl RED HEELS


More party pictures!!!

SB50 4










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