Dear Target letter

Dear Target,

Why is my size an issue for you.  Why can’t I purchase your more fashionable items in store like everyone?  This is now the second time I’ve had to put up with your disrespect.  I was well aware that the Who What Wear Collection plus sizes would online only.  I mean heaven forbid my fat friends and I show up at your stores to purchase anything other than our groceries and period pads.  At this point in our relationship I know where I stand (in my living room) with you.

fatgirl tweet

What hurts the most is that I’m a faithful fan of yours.  I love you.  I love the employees they are so nice, fast and friendly.  I love the stores.  Clean with convenient hours.  I love your price points.  Many items are right in my budget.  Your new items are fashionable with a good fit.

I’ve written good things about your plus lines.  I celebrated Target’s Ava Viv line in Pattern Black & White


I even wrote excitedly about the release of the Who What Wear Collection and it’s inclusion plus sizes in whowhatwear for Target.

Who What Wear Target 3


So can you tell me why I’m experiencing déjà vu?  In prepping for my own blog post I made sure I had release date correct; 01/31.  I wrote in down in my blog calendar.  I released my post and proceeded to shop.  But I did’t find any of the fashions I had written about.


Come And Enjoy A Plus Size CelebrationthecurvycontheCurvycon


dear target 1dear target


If I was able to get your special collection items sized for plus in store I wouldn’t have to deal with your now regular online release issues.  The signature piece of the plus size section ISN’T EVEN ON THE SITE.  I know everybody needs their job but with these repeated launch issues some people need to be fired.  I shouldn’t be in my feelings for the second time with a brand I love so much.  I’d hand the CEO a pink slip with a bullseye on it.  Everyone know the leader gets the ax first.  Then I’d stroll over to the office of the person in charge of website management with a box in my hand.       lilly target

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You had the curvy nation up in arms with the failed Lilly Pulitzer release.  I thought you would have learned your lesson that whole mess.  Your site crashed so many times.  Orders were missing from carts when the site came back up.  My credit card was charged twice.  I got a double order.  Now with the Who What Wear release I see I have two pending debits.  I only hope that Target doesn’t charge and ship me two orders like they did for the Lilly Pulitzer launch.

I won’t be be purchasing from your online only plus size limited edition special collaboration items.*  My heart or wallet can’t take it.




I take this statement back if Target does a collaboration with Beyoncé.


  1. When I go to Target I head straight for the shoes, and then the makeup section, maybe I will pass through accessories. That is because every trip I have ever made to the Plus size section was a grave disappointment. No clothes!!! Our money spends just like everyone else’s, AND we spend more. So I gave up on them in that regard, and don’t order online due to that hacking fiasco they had. They get much less money from me because of this. GET IT TOGETHER TARGET! UGH!

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