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I ran into the Piko food truck outside my job in downtown Chicago. ¬†I’m always opening to trying new food place and food trucks are becoming more common in Chicago. ¬†Piko says that they offer modern asian street food. ¬†Piko also says besides the Asian flavors and our unique vessels, what really sets them apart are their homemade marinades and signature sauces. Marinades made from family recipes while their sauces are created to compliment each vessel. The flavors from these sauces and marinades are the heart and soul of their food.
The menu was created by combining three generations of family recipes and a passion for street food.  With an objective is to serve people delicious food in a timely manner.   A reat deal of care and passion go into each dish that is served out of their window.  The ribeye and chicken are marinated over night while our pork belly is slowly simmered for hours before service.  Each dish is topped with homemade sauces which are specifically created to enhance the overall flavor.
Time To Eat
Ordering is as easy as 1, 2, EAT!
1) Pick your protein.
You have the choice of Lemongrass chicken, Chinese 5 spice pork belly,  bulgogi ribeye and teriyaki tofu.
2) Pick how you want it served.
Your options are taco, bao, slider or bowl.
If you just can’t pick you can choose the sampler. ¬†They’ll also make your food spicy if you ask.
I selected the¬†Chinese¬†5 spice pork belly bowel. ¬†The bowl comes with the choose of white or brown rice. ¬†I opted for the brown rice. ¬†It’s also comes with¬†saut√©ed carrots, ¬†zucchini, bean sprouts, edamame and Piko’s own sauce. ¬†I also got the fried egg on top which is extra but is so worth it. ¬†My food was fresh. ¬†The¬†Chinese¬†5 spice pork belly had a ton of flavor. ¬†The veggies were tasty on their own. ¬†The rice was prefect.
The service was amazing. ¬†The young lady working the window nice and friendly. ¬†She answered all my questions as this was my first time ordering¬†from the Piko food truck. ¬†My only complaint is that I didn’t order two bowls because the taste was amazing.
If you see the Piko food truck¬†around I¬†encourage you to order yourself a meal you won’t be disappointed.

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You can find Piko online at and on twitter & Instagram using @PikoTruck

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