5 Black Women YouTubers I’m Here For!

5 Black Women YouTubers I’m Here For!  If you’re a hardcore YouTube watcher or just getting into the videos available.  These 5 Black women are ones to watch.


5 Black Women YouTubers

I’m Here For!



All videos and photos are from the respective YouTuber’s social accounts.



1) AllyiahsFace


Allyiahsface is run by Allyiah.  Her content is focused on beauty and lifestyle.  Her vlogs are like catching up with your home girl.  Chatting about what she’s been up to over the last week.  Please note if you’re watching her beauty content have your purse nearby because like Denzel you’re leaving with something.


2) Jenee Naylor


Jenee Naylor runs her name brand which is also popularly known as Highlowluxxe.  Her content is focused on fashion.  Bringing luxury looks that range from high-end such as Hermes or Off-White.  All the way to the other end of the cost scale such as Target and Walmart.  Jenee’s YouTube offers listens on how to dress for your best self.  Along with some of the best Fashion Week vlogs.


TheYusufs are a sister duo made up of Nasteha & Nuni. Together they serve cohesive looks with twinning.  They show their own personalities while looking like they belong together.  The sisters have mastered the art of being headed to the same event while offering two separate standout styles.  They also vlog all the must-attend events.






The next two months will be super busy and I plan to capture as much as possible.  We’re going to Paris Fashion Week for the first time.  *Que Jay-Z and Kanye* lol.  Then as soon as we touch back to the States we’ll be off to NYC for The Culturecon.  *Que Jay-Z and Alicia Keys* ha.  Then we take a listen to Tony! Toni! Toné! Just Me And You at the Chicago Theatre.  Yes, a lot so don’t miss a thing by subscribing to my YouTube channel.




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