Miami | Plus-Size Travel Tips

Miami | Plus-size travel tips.  Travel as a plus-size solo person can be easy with a little planning.  I spent 72 hours in Miami solo and I had a great time.


Plus-Size Travel Tips | Picking The Location

Which came first the chicken or the egg?  More importantly which comes first the flight or the hotel?  Honestly, it depends.  For me, the flight comes first.  Why you may ask.  Well, flights often come with an upfront cost that hotels don’t come with.  Yes, you have to reserve your room with a card.  However, 9 times out of 10 you don’t have to pay.

Don’t let cost hold you back.  Services like Afterpay, Sezzle, or Affirm allow travelers to make payments on travel plans on a budget.

Plus-Size Travel Tips | Where To Stay



Location, location, location.  Are you looking to party and pay a ton of money for mediocre food and listen to rave music all night long.  Or are looking for a high-class Instagramable place to stay?



If you’re going to a location for a special event it’s best to try to stay as near to the event as possible.  Trying to stay farther away to say a few dollars will be eating up by hotel fees for car parking or Uber with repeated travel.

I love visiting a location when the city is having a big event.  For example, Essence Fest is a great time to visit New Orleans or Chicago for The Taste of Chicago. New York during Fashion Week.

Note traveling during these times require advance planning as hotel and flight can be expensive.  Traveling off-season can save lots of money.

I manage my travel budget by purchasing flights one way at a time.  Purchasing your leaving and returning tickets all together doesn’t always save you money.  Internationally can be a little bit different but split buying tickets can relieve the pressure on your wallet.

Note: Don’t go too long without buying the other ticket.  You don’t want the other flight to sell out and you can’t complete your trip.

I don’t risk staying at any old hotel.  I’m a fan of chains so you know what you’re getting.  I’m not saying all chains are perfect.  I have had a recent bad experience with the worldwide chain that I often use.  However, I find issues are easier resolved when you can deal with a larger company.

Side note: I’m a “member” of that chain’s rewards program and I get points that can be used for free stays.


Plus-Size Travel Tips | Where To Eat + Drink


Connecting online with people from the area in which I’m going is a great way to find gems.  I love Twitter as a great way to get chatting with people.  I ask questions like what’s the best place to stay.  Ask their opinion on good things to do while there.  I follow their feed because many influencers tweet out about fun things happening locally.

Book reservations when you can.  If you’re planning on going to a popular spot you don’t want to end up wasting time waiting as a walk-in.


Plus-Size Travel Tips | What To Bring


The plus-size community is no stranger looking for outfits and not really finding what we want.  We all know the early bird gets the worm.  Reach the weather and start shopping!  This is most important when your travel plans are off-season.  Looking for a swimsuit in November for a trip in December for a plus-size girl can be somewhat impossible.

My go-to shops are Eloquii, ASOS, and Aldo just to name a few.  Lastly, don’t forget to pair comfortable shoes.  And save room in your suitcase for any shopping you may do.



What are some of your favorites places to visit? Share in the comments!


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