My cousin Carla’s wedding is easily one of the biggest events of 2021 for my family.  Hands down it’s one of the hottest tickets in town.  My family loves social media so I had to make sure my “That’s her” photo was on point.  Keep reading for deets to get ready with me | plus-size wedding | hair & makeup.

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For events like weddings or birthday parties,  you never know who’s going to post what so you have to go into the situation looking your best from the start.  My family is very much a snap a pic and upload crowd.  And with many of us not seeing each other because of everything going on in the world I knew the camera click and upload were going to be on 1000%.  I’ve been drinking water and making appointments so that every photo is picture-perfect.

Hair & Makeup

Appointment Booking


First, I’ve long wanted a higher-end wig install.  I really wanted that it’s given it’s going out my scalp honey.  After asking around and was referred to Mary O’s salon Lux Hair Chicago.  I looked over their Instagram and saw she was offering the experience I was looking for.  

A month before the date I wanted my services done I called the salon.  Mary walked me through making my appointment online.  I had many questions and she was very helpful.



In booking the appointment for my makeup application I was completely at ease.  I booked with a licensed cosmetologist and close friend Rahresha Rachelle.  The makeup service was part of my gift to my cousin the bride for the big day.  I also booked Rahresha Rachelle to do my makeup as well.


Plus-Size Wedding | Hair & makeup , plus-size makup

Hair & Makeup

Appointment Day


On the day of my hair appointment, I went to the salon at my appointment time.  For my appointment, I request a full lace glueless wig.  Because the stylist would be custom making and coloring the wig I don’t have to bring a wig to be installed.  In order to have the wig made I had to pay the full cost of the wig.  On the day of the appointment, I had to pay for the cost of the install only.

Mary my stylist was very nice.  She walked me through each step.  Explaining who to persevere the luster and health of my wig.  She understands her service is luxury and aimed to please.  I’ve already booked a wig refresh for an upcoming trip.

Plus-Size Wedding | Hair & makeup , plus-size bride

The makeup appointment, it happened in two steps.  When booking for a bridal service the makeup is done twice.  The first makeup service is done as a consultation.  This is where Rahresha Rachelle confirms foundation color and how the bride would like her makeup to look.  I booked the bridal service for Carla so that at the beginning of last month she had her consultation and loved the makeup application.

On the day of the wedding, Rahresha Rachelle came to the host hotel and did both of our makeup.  Note:  If you’re booking a MUA and want them to do more than just the bride’s makeup you have to prebook those appointments.  And most likely will have to pay a deposit for each person. I could have done my own makeup like I’ve done in the past so many times before.  However, I wanted to be pampered and Rahresha Rachelle is the best.





Plus-Size Wedding | Hair & makeup , black dress

I love how everything came together.  I would not do anything differently.  Wait I would.  I would have booked their services sooner.  I shouldn’t have waited for a special day


Do you like my wedding look?


Plus-Size Wedding | Hair & makeup


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