Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project

In this blog post, I’m sharing all things related to Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project.  What is it? Who benefits? How to apply?

This blog post was done in collaboration with Eloquii as a brand ambassador.  However, all opinions are my own.

Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project: What is it?

Eloquii is easily one of my favorite destinations for trendy plus-size fashion.  They offer a wide range of dresses to outerwear to jeans.  These fashionable finds come in sizes 14-28.  Eloquii first made its way on my radar in 2016 at theCurvycon.  I tried on one of their matching two-piece set and I haven’t stopped shopping since.

Pictured at theCurvycon wearing Eloquii.


Now fast-forward to 2020.  Many brands were called out for their lack of diversity.   Eloquii created The Black Creatives Project.  Launched in July 2020 to elevate, support, and financially invest in Black talent.  Both influencers and creative professionals.


jumpsuit perfect for every occasion, Eloquii, PS bloggerEloquii’s Jumpsuits  / Rainbow Clutch (locally sourced) / Nude Heels

The project mandates that:

First, a minimum of 50% of total paid influencer partnerships go to Black creators.  A minimum of 25% going to micro-influencers

Secondly, Eloquii will increase working with Black creative professionals.  Across design and creative production process by at least 25%.

Lastly, They’ll publish goals and actual results for the percentage of imagery across owned channels.  Along with a percent of marketing spend

Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project: Who Benefits?

  • Creative Professionals including hair and makeup artists, models.  In addition, set designers, photographers, graphic designers, fashion designers, and stylists

  • Influencers with under 20,000 followers based in the US


This Eloquii fan-favorite can be found here.


Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project: How To Apply?

Apply on a rolling year-round basis by completing the form here.

Tie Bodice Mini DressCat Eye Blue Light Glasses  | New Balance X STAUD Blue 327




Eloquii’s Black Creatives Project: thefatgirloffashion.com

In conclusion, for me being a part of the Black Creatives Project has been amazing.  The program has enabled me to feel truly seen and heard.  Having worked with other brands this program was what I needed.  Lastly, I say to content creators just create good content and the brands for you will find you.

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