Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe

Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe.  With great styling, an outfit paired with a puffer coat can look very luxurious.  These fall/winter coats give everything a fan of 90s fashion needs.


Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe, aurora il


Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe

Puffers have been around since the 1930s, introduced to the market after Eddie Bauer nearly died of exposure when his wool sweater froze from the rain on a fishing trip.  Bauer came up with a waist-length quilted puffer coat with a knitted collar.

Fast forward 90 years and puffy coats are a fashion staple.   


Belted Puffer Jacket /Abstract Print Midi Dress or Similar Abstract Print Midi Dress  / Turtleneck / Opaque Tights / Black Heel

Black Puffer:  Statement Coat

Wearing a bold coat is a great way to stand out and exude style! Whether you are out on the weekend or commuting to work most people won’t see your outfit, so a bold coat is a great way to show your personality and style.

When choosing your coat keep in mind cut, the length, and fabric.  All of these will make a huge difference in chic factor.  Also, keep an eye for trend-led pieces with the big shoulders, exaggerated shawl collar which gives a fun twist to a classic coat.  Don’t forget over-sized coats as well.


Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe

The modern age of the puffer coat began in the 1990s when “technical” fabrics became accessible to everyday consumers. In the beginning, rappers were associated with their spread.  For example the images of a “puffy” Missy Elliott.  Missy in a high-tech trash bag in the video for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)” has forever changed the idea of puffer coats.

Puffer coats as streetwear staple means the appreciation for them as well as their dominance is here to stay.



Feeling black puffer coats for a plus-size 90s vibe?


Black Puffer Coat | Plus-Size 90s Vibe


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