Thrifting While Plus-Size

Within this post, I’m talking about Thrifting While Plus-Size.  How to shop? Where to shop? Why the plus-size community should thrift.



Printed Top | Comfort Collection Pants | Clutch  Jessica Simpson Shoes

All items are thrirfted from local thrift stores in the Chicagoland area.  Links Above links are for similar items from retail stores*


Thrifting While Plus-Size

As a plus-size person shopping in standard stores can be difficult.  Thrifting while plus-size isn’t effortless but it’s not hard either.  With a few tips on how to shop? Where to shop? Why the plus-size community should thrift doing so can make it that much more easier.


Visit Often

Thrift stores don’t follow the standard big box method of getting merchandise.  They don’t put in regular orders or carry standard merchandise.  Every time you walk into a thrift store you’ll never know what you’ll get.  Items are donated so consider the neighborhood when looking at the items available at the location.  Honestly travel outside of your local area will give a plus-size person more options in sizes as well as fashion picks.  So visit often and visit varying locations.



Dress appropriately

Most thrifts do have fitting rooms.  I’ve personally never been to one with a fitting room.  With that been said I try on most of the items in the aisle’s end cap mirror.  Here’s why.  The fitting rooms tend to not be plus-size friendly.  I wear form-fitting clothes like legging and tees when I go thrifting.  This allows me to slip garments on and off quickly without having to use the fitting room.


Look For Deals

Finding out how the local thrifts works is a great way to get a deal.  Ask when discount days are.  Yes, thrift stores have discounts! Sign up for the membership cards if the thrift store offers it.  These memberships come with cash in on deals and specials like birthday cash or discounts.  Many thrift stores have special ticket days in which the items that you purchase are tagged with the color of the day and you’ll get a discount on those items.


Daniel Kaluuya, Get out star, Daniel Kaluuya in Louis Vuitton


Daniel Kaluuya in this vibrant shirt by Louis Vuitton was my inspiration.  Besides him looking hella fine I really love the overall look. He was photographed in 2018 wearing this look and it has been seared on my brain since.

Be opened minded!  There are great finds to be found thrifting.  I know people who take their time in thrift stores and then resale their finds on sites like Poshmark or thredUP for 3 and 4 times the thrift price.  You may not find that exact piece but you could find something similar.  At the very least you’ll brand you’ve been wanting to try.  No, I didn’t find Daniel’s Louie shirt but I did find an inspired shirt that was way more budget friendly.

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