7 WhoWhatWear Looks and They All Kill

The latest WhoWhatWear collection is here and I have thoughts.  7 WWW looks and They All Kill.

WhoWhatWear, thefatgirloffashion.com

WhoWhatWear, thefatgirloffashion.com, targetThe short sleeve WWW dress I’m wearing is available in plus-size here and straight-size here.


The WhoWhatWear for Target always gives plus-size women actually something we want to purchase.  The looks are empowering and on-trend.  The only thing that would make collaboration better is having plus sizes available in-store.


All photos: Target that are not of thefatgirloffashion.



The WhoWhatWear team has been getting it right for years now.  Because of that plus-sizes online sell out very quickly!  Here are the latest WWW pieces I’m currently in love with.

Polka Dot Puff Elbow Sleeve Dress ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size

Jean Sleeveless Dress ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size

Floral Print Bishop Short Sleeve Rib Trim Dress ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size

Leopard Print Sleeveless Blouse ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size

Midi Jean Skirt ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size

Short-Sleeve Lace-Up Dress ~ Plus-Size and Straight-Size


See the full WhoWhatWear for Target line here.


I’m posting in my Instastories which ones I’ll be getting on.  Tweet @fatgirl_fashion which pieces are your favorite.


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