Blogging For 30 Days Saved Me

Blogging for 30 days saved me.  I had so much to say and was the outlet I needed.  These have been tough times and I feel like my voice has truly been heard.



Go hard

When I started this blog wanted to shine a light of of women that look like me.  I really had no idea that sharing my thoughts with the world would take me anywhere.  I’ve had some really good times.  I’ve also had some bad times.  I let bad thoughts cause me to be unfocused.  Energy level drained and I had lost sight of my original goals.  The last 30 days have reminded me that I have to go hard.


Blogging for 30 days saved me, chicago bloggerRed Polka Dot Blouse /  Chino Pants /  White Straw Bag (thrifted)   /  Nude Heels

My Voice Mattered

I’m really excited to be have been part of the movement.  My voice mattered.  Change is a process.  Silence is not an option.  Beyond world-changing topics, I offer a lighter informative and entertaining post as a way to escape.  I was seeking that from the creators I follow so I know others have been looking for that from

Blogging for 30 days saved me, plus size fashionThe first thing you learn when you’re blogging is that people are one click away from loving you.

Blogging for 30 days saved me, plus size blogger



I promise I’ll do better.

There’s a know content schedule and I’ll be holding myself accountable.  After 30 straight posts, my creative juices are flowing with new ideas.  I have some real fun looks coming down the pipeline.  I promise I’ll do better because blogging for 30 days saved me.



Blogging for 30 days saved me


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Thank you and I mean it!

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