Win Friends and Influence People

How to win Friends and Influence People?  That’s a question everyone has been faced with.
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Win friends and influence people 

I have a love/hate relationship with the word “friend”. In one sense, I feel like I want all the friends in the world.  Then in others, I’m very no new friends.  As an adult trying to add new friends to your life can make you cringe.  It’s really up to how important the word friend is to you.  Beyond the word friend as an adult think of new people that enter your life as an influencer group.

Meeting new people can help you recreate yourself or be the real you.  Just remember your new friends don’t know your past or your history.  Always put your best self forward.  This is your time to shine and influence new people.  Sale your most authentic self.




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Where did you end up next?

As with any relationship you have to self reflect.  A famous quote say ” Some people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”  I’m a very direct person and some people can be put off by that.  Personal if people wants to hear only what they want to hear than they should only talk to themselves.  #ISSA, lol. I have been working on stopping conversation that I feel might go left.  You have to pick your battles also.  It’s hard but not everything needs to be said.



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Friendship goals? 

Are you looking for friendship goals?  You have to be a good friend to have good friends.  With that being said.  Don’t like people abusive you in order to have a “friend.”  A good friend is supportive.  However, you’re not required to be a catch-all.  A good friend respects your time.  They wouldn’t make you feel like they only reach out when no one else is available.  Friendship has highs and lows but friendship goals will find a balance.

Friendly reminder: Check on your strong friends.



Win Friends and Influence People

Win Friends and Influence People



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To have good friends you must be one.

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  1. Love this. I’ve lost so many of my old friends and have gained great new friends. I think I just a made such a complete change in my life that those old ones just fell off and my new ones align with what I want for myself and my growth. I’m always looking to meet new people so that we can grow together.

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