CHICAGO IT GIRL: THEFATGIRLOFFASHION.  From RSVPs, attending product launches, and meeting with brands  Life hits different for this Chicago it girl.




We all know Chicago girls do it better.  So when time get’s tough everyone says “Get a Chicago girl to do it!”  For me it would be easy to say life is difficult.  Being a dark-skin plus-size cancer survivor from the south side of Chicago.  A lesser person would have broke.  Adding to that I talk fashion and trends while living in the midwest.  Not in New York or L.A. where most fashion brands live and work.

How does a 40 plus woman in the influence space even defining a personal style beyond a small square on Instagram? How do I talk fashion inspo, pushing boundaries, the importance of the Black identity, and intersectional all in a 60 second TikTok?

Chicago girls just do!  And of course we do it better.



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What influences my look?  What fashion rules I live by? 

After the last couple years I’m really starting to miss my social life, which includes traveling, attending events, and memorable fashion show appearances.  I really started to miss living the life that any every black girl would enjoy.

I often google “What did Tracey Ellis Ross wear ….” every time I’m prepping for a must-attend event.  Tracey Ellis Ross is a real influences on my style.  I’m obsessed with her the coolest auntie style.  She dominates my mood board currently.  I however create my looks with a plus-size lens and in an affordable way.

My number one fashion rule is:




Sometimes you have to get out your own way.  Buy clothes you can see yourself wearing more than once and in different ways. 



CHICAGO IT GIRL: THEFATGIRLOFFASHION“I am from the South Side of Chicago. That tells you as much about me as you need to know.” -Michelle Obama


What are some of your wardrobe essentials? Does what I wear play a part in my identity? 

I love everything whimsical.  I get excited with color, prints, and shiny things. My go-to is print on prints.  You can always find myself wearing something sheer and sexy.  I would say I’m an on trending fat girl.  My size is a big factor in how I dress.  There’s a deep feeling inside of me that I must show women with larger body can dress and bring just like smaller women.  I am not afraid to mix prints and patterns.  I can’t be afford to have all eyes on me when I walk into a room.  

What I wear plays a huge part in my identity.  At times I feel like an actress and my life is a play were I’m the main character.  Often thinking what does my audience want to see today. People can fake it for Instagram.  However, My style is me.  It’s how I express myself.  I can’t sing.  I mean I can dance a little.  But hands down I can dress. 


My favorite high-end designers? 


I’m open to any designers that have an inclusive size range and flattering cuts.  Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean I have to look like a box.  Many of the top higher-end fashion brands are copying “lower-end” looks presented by women like me but they don’t offer them in larger sizes.  Their sizes stop so small even if it’s something in your budget a plus-size woman can’t fit them.  Clearly, they don’t want fat dollars.  That’s why you have to be creative.  I’m more a fan of higher-end indie designer brands like Jibri, Hanifa or Kai Collective. I’m honored to have a piece from all of these Black women led brands. 


What’s on top of “Chicago It Girl: thefatgirloffashion budget-friendly wish-list

Here are a few items on my wish list.  I’m open to any brand that have an inclusive size range and flattering cuts.  Just because I’m a big girl doesn’t mean I have to look like you shop from a box in the back of the store.   


thefatgirloffashion - fanny - patagoniaBlack Hole® Belt Bag PATAGONIA | Classic Navy or Black air-jordan-6-retro-shoe-SDlcvS
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If this post was a tweet what would it say?


It’s ok to not follow the pack and live authenticity.  Embrace your body and be unapologetically happy.


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