3 Steps To The Perfect Plus-Size Festival Look

April is the start of festival season.  A plus-size fashionista only needs a few simple pieces to be in fashion for the upcoming party season,  In a post, I”m sharing 3 Steps to have the perfect plus-size festival look for any spring/summer music event.



As plus-size women, we need to be seen in public spaces living our best lives.  We shouldn’t be excepted to hide in our homes.  While we’re out and about being visibly plus know that you can wear whatever your hard earned money can buy.

Whether you’re going to Essence fest or Coachella you’ll only need a few basic things to make you look like a festival Instagram star.


All photos by sodafountainphoto.  Styling by TFGOF,

3 Steps To The Perfect Plus-Size Festival Look | Kimonos and Cover-Ups

I’m the queen of kimonos and cover-ups.  I wear them year round.  They are festival favs.  The kimono or cover-up you wear should be based on a few factors.  The weather.  Is your event inside or out?  Knowing that will help you in selecting the right one.  You don’t what to select the cuties kimono you could find only not to wear it because it came with a heavy inner liner and it’s too hot for an out-door event.




3 Steps To The Perfect Plus-Size Festival Look | Bases and Bottoms

The weather on the day of the event will play a huge role in your outfit choice.  I love having a look that can be easily switched up if the weather isn’t what I thought it was going to be.  We all know rain or shine the party goes on.

I prefer loose-fitting items.  I don’t want to feel super tight all day long.  Many fests go from day to night.  I’m also a fan of layers.  Layers help adjust for those temp changes.  A dress as a base with a cover-up is the perfect festival look.  Shorts and tees are just as cute.  At the end of the day wear what makes you feel good!



I received this Rattan Circle Bag look compliments of the Anthropologie, however; All opinions are my own

3 Steps To The Perfect Plus-Size Festival Look | Accessories

For myself, accessories are a big part of my style.  I’ve said it before that being plus size my whole life accessories were often the only things that would fit me.  I love purses, jewelry, and shoes.  The right accessory can make and break an outfit.  For a perfect plus-size festival look a crossbody is key.  Crossbody bag holds all the must-have.  If the festival is outdoor make sure sun protection is part of your look.  Include shades and some form of headwear (hat) to protect yourself from sunburn.  Lastly, wear comfortable shoes if the event is not seated which most fests are not.  Grab some cute flat sandals or bomb daddy sneakers.



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