#BrownGirlsLovePower Day 2019

I spent the first event on my 2019 calendar celebrating women of color with other women of color and I couldn’t be happier.  #BrownGirlsLovePOWER day was truly F.U.B.U.

My BrownGirlsLove Power day started with me stopping by the registration desk staffed by two of the friendliest ladies ever.  One said ” Girl you’re cute”  I wasn’t expecting that.  I said “Ok sis how much is Christina paying you? lol.”  I then grabbed a little breakfast and did some networking before the event officially started.


BrownGirlsLove Power day 2019 kicked off with a welcome from the event founder Christina S. Brown.  She greeted the crowd in a fabulous styled red dress.  She went through the day’s events along with introducing the panelist and sponsors.  We then started our packed and exciting itinerary.


The first panel I attended was “The art of Authentic storytelling” panel (sponsored by Toyota).  The panelist included Julee Wilson, Courtney Danielle, Brittany Hennessy, and Samantha Smikle.  This panel was on the importance of storytelling in personal branding and entrepreneurship.  It focused on the fact that people no longer buy “things”, they buy into people.  The panel shared how telling our authentic stories can grow our online communities, strengthen our authority while making money along the way.

Panel take-away or quote: Be your authentic self.  The type of person you show yourself to be to the world will, in turn, attract the type of connections that will reflect your personal brand.

The next panel I attended was “Favor & Finances” panel.  For me it was a great remember not to forget who I am while I’m making my way In this fast-paced digital world.  Why did I start blogging?  What is my message?  I can climb the ladder of success wealth while staying true to myself. The panelist included Nichole Lynel, Janell Stephens, and Koereyelle.

Panel take-away or quote: Be careful with who you bring onto your team.  People can cloud your vision by telling you what they think you should do.  You must remain true to yourself.

We then broke for lunch.  I know that I wanted to spend this time meeting new people.  I’m blogger boos with a lot of the influencers that were at #BrownGirlsLove.  However, I made it a point to connect with new people.  In order to make fresh paths to success, you must meet new partners.

The third panel of the day was “Your Brand Matters.”  The panelist included Sherria Cotton, Chioma & Uchenna Ngwudo and Keisha Mabry.  This panel centered around creating a brand that pays it forward and using your brand to serve a need.  Creating an impact that can initiate the change we hope for in the word.

Panel take-away or quote:  When posting to social media does your post adding value? Is your content Friendly Relatable Inspirational Educational Non-judgemental Differentiate with your own voice.

I made sure to get my BrownGirlsLove tote bag and filled it with goodies from the event sponsors.

All photos are from the #browngirlslovepower hashtag

Because I’m not superwoman I took a brief personal break.  Which was fitting because the next panel I attended was “Drop The Cape” panel with Tracy G, Melissa Chanel, Kelli M. Coleman, Simone Gittens, and Toya L. Poplar.  With so many dealing from anxiety, depression, and self-doubt because we haven’t quite figured out how to embrace our imperfections and accept help when it’s needed.  Whether you work a 9 to 5, go to school, own a business, or manage a household this panel offered some fundamentals of living your best life through self-care.

Panel take-away or quote: Don’t consider your tribe an audience.  Because audience means performance and performance means a stage and you ain’t Beyoncé!

The day’s events closed with a keynote from Lisa Price founder of Carol’s Daughter.

Keynote take-away or quote:  When building a team for your business/brand remember an employee will never work as hard for your business or brand as you will.  However, you do set the tone for what they can or can’t do with your company.

Pssssssst,,,,,, I’m going to speak something into ex.  I’ll be at BrownGirlsLovePower day 2020 celebrating with Christina.  It’ll be the event’s 5 year anniversary and I would love to be a monitor.

Get the details on my look from the event here.


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  1. Thank you so much for attending and supporting, love! I so appreciate you, and I can’t wait to see you again for the 5 year anniversary!

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