Friendsgiving with IfOnly

In this blog post,  I’m talking about friendsgiving with IFOnly.  Life is made up of experiences and wants to help with those experiences.  If you’re looking for a new ways to create memories than keep reading.



Friendsgiving with IFOnly | What is IFOnly?

IFOnly is like the Ticketmaster for personal events.  They have formed a marketplace for those of us looking to create memorable experiences. IFOnly has something for everyone.  If you’re new in town you can see the town with local experts.  Maybe you’re looking to improve you fashion & style there is options for you.  Are you a foodie?  You’ll find experiences featuring wine pairing, cocktail making, or culinary lessons.  IFOnly also offers once-in-a-lifetime connections with lauded luminaries, providing access to a curated selection of extraordinary experiences that benefit worthy causes around the world.


Friendsgiving with IFOnly |Friendsgiving with my girls

IFOnly believe that life is not about buying things, it’s about the extraordinary experiences to be remembered and shared.  This is something that I very much agree with.  So, when I was given the opportunity to receive an experience I know I wanted one were I could include my friends.

The IFOnly marketplace can delivers 1000s if everything everyday of they year.  For me timing was perfect for my experience.  Because I know I wanted to share my experience with my friends I thought what better time than friendsgiving?!  Friendsgiving being a blend of friend and Thanksgiving, and refers to a large meal eaten with friends either on or near Thanksgiving I know I wanted to break bread as part of the offer.


Friendsgiving with IFOnly | How to use IFOnly?

Using IFOnly was very easy.  I had my experience selected with only a few steps.

I first selected the city, available in 26 cities world wide as on 11/17/2018, I wanted to have my experience in.  Next, I selected my group size.  I then picked the date I wanted to have my experience on.  I followed up by selecting my price point and categories options.  You don’t have to select your experience following my selection path but just know it’s easy.

My peeps worldwide can save $50 on their first IFOnly experience using code IFOnlyGift44.  Be sure to select an offer fast because code IFOnlyGift44 expires 12/31/2018.

Friendsgiving with IfOnly | IfOnly experience My Thoughts

The IFOnly experience overall was great!  The site was very easy to use.  My experience was processed and confirmed in less than 24 hours.  The IFOnly site as well as the restaurant sent a reminder email and text.  The restaurant was lovely and the worth the value of the IFOnly price point.

I would definitely use IFOnly again.  With an upcoming trip to New York and saw an experience that has already caught my eye that.  I really like the wide range of pricing options as well as experiences to be done.

I really like that the giving aspect offered by IFOnly.  You can give to charities via the site.  You can bid on experiences for charity.  Anything from Ariana Grande Signed ‘Moonlight’ Perfume Box to a voicemail greeting from the Original ‘Star Trek’ Captain William Shatner. Or maybe you want to meet Chris Noth, Sex and the City’s “Mr. Big,” at his Private Invite-Only Event for Ambhar Tequila.  Hmmmm yeah!

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DISCLAIMER: I received my personal IFOnly experience compliments of the IFOnly, however; All opinions are my own.

Save $50 worldwide on your first IFOnly experience using code IFOnlyGift44.  Code IFOnlyGift44 expires 12/31/2018.


DRESS: Plaid Mini Dress
HAT: Similar Fedora
TIGHTS: Ultra Sheer Control Top Hosiery
HEELS: Similar Bow-Accented Pumps

What do see yourself doing an IFOnly experience? If so, which one?  Let me know!  Sound off in the comments.

Happy Friendsgiving, Cheers! 



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