5 Things I learned At #Blogalicious9

​​​​“Junior M.A.F.I.A. clique thick like Luke dancers” _Lil’ Cease (Player’s Anthem verse)




My recent visit to New York for New York Fashion Week has taught me so much about myself.  Every time I leave Chicago I take with me all that I’ve learned from being born and raised in the city of big shoulders.  This world will chew you up and spit you out if you let it.  Are you good enough?  Are you pretty enough?  Are you thin enough?  What are you wearing?  Are you on trend?  So many thoughts swirling in my head.  Self-doubt can creep in so fast.


blogalicious9 with Ashley


  1. Look in on your tribe!  As you can see I’m checking in on Ashley and seeing what’s she’s up to.  While she’s making an Instastories video may not have been the best time, lol.  But she was happy I did!  You don’t have to chat every day to be a good friend.  Just call, send a text even a tweet to say “Hey girl hey!”  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Look in on your tribe members and ask have you had your yearly breast exam.



2. Stacey makes great choices.  One sign of a great leader is the leaders they create.  The Blogalicious leadership is amazing.  This was my first time attending Blogalicious.  I also volunteered.  I’m very pleased with both experiences because of Jana.  The theme of this year’s Blogalicious was Tribe.  So you can say Janna was my tribe leader as she was in charge of the social squad.  Jana was great!  For me, it’s the small things. I’ve volunteered at other conferences before and been treated like the help, but Jana knew my name. Jana treated not only me but the whole team like we were the only reason Blogalicious would succeed. The other members of the Blogalicious leadership team never made me feel like my position was not as equally important as theirs. I firmly believe their treatment of me is a reflection of how Stacey treats them.

3. I learned it is very important to stay true to self! I met so many bloggers outside of my niche of plus size fashion. I kept hearing the same thing “OMG, you are just like you are online!” This led me to believe they had experienced what I have experienced myself, being catfished! In meeting an online personality, they were not the same in person. You can connect with someone via social media, but when they meet you in person and don’t receive the same experience, you have broken the trust they built with you and that relationship may be ruined forever.


BB09 .

4. Don’t let anyone should on you!  When you are making choices on the path you want to take, don’t let people who have not achieved or even taken the risk that you are working toward sow a seed of doubt.  Listening to should-ers will have you doubting your mission.  It’s okay to listen to others opinion but you must be selective to whom you are listening to.





I can wear white!!





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  1. Looks like you had a blast girl! I hate I missed it this year but I’m looking forward to seeing all of the new changes that they are working on and hope to attend in the future. Love that white jumpsuit!

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