Dove Spa Party With My Girls | #RaiseTheBeautyBar

Dove beauty bar spa party ...‚ÄúBehind every successful woman, is a tribe of other¬†successful women that have her back‚Ä̬†_Unknown




Today‚Äôs post is in partnership with¬†Dove. ¬†I’m excited to tell you all about the Dove spa party I recently had for my girls. ¬†As you know I’ve included Dove’s White Beauty Bar into my nightly routine. ¬†The skin has been looking amazing. ¬†My skin has been really glowing. ¬†Dove¬†Beauty Bar, with ¬ľ moisturizing cream, provides more radiant skin vs. ordinary soap. ¬†I wanted to share with them my Dove beauty¬†experience.

I pulled together some of my closest friends and told them we should have some me time.  Every now and then you have to give back to you.  This spa day was just what we all needed.  The iconic Dove Beauty Bar, with its unchanged and mild formula, has remained superior to soap bars since its launch in 1957, providing the same great care and beauty benefits to women for 60 years was the best way to give back to us.

The Dove Beauty Bar is #1 Dermatologist recommended skin cleansing bar and perfect for our facials.  Ordinary Soap can leave skin feeling itchy and tight, However, Dove contains DEFI technology, a unique blend of mild cleansers that leave skin soft and smooth.

Dove beauty bar spa party .Estheticians Vicki and Jeanette of Pamper Perfect Mobile Spa provided all the ladies with facials using the Dove Beauty Bar best for their skin type.


Dove Beauty Bar provides soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin in 7 days.  Daily use of ordinary soap and premium soap bars can make it more difficult for skin to maintain its natural moisture, resulting in loss of critical moisture to skin, that helps maintain elasticity.  Dove contains skin natural lipids (stearic acid) that help replenish the skin.  Knowing this I was confident that my friends would be happy with the spa day I was giving them.


Video from the Dove Beauty Bar spa party.


Dove beauty bar spa party¬†Vivian of¬†biggirlsuburbia¬†seen checking out Dove Beauty Bar table. ¬†Renowned for its signature ¬ľ moisturizing cream and cleans as well as ordinary soap, revealing beautiful skin; Vee was happy to see the gift bags.



Dove beauty bar spa party .....NaTasha of housefulofnicholes talked about how important it is having good friends to support you.



Dove Spa Party With My Girls! ......Rachell said her hands were so soft and cared for after trying the Dove Pink Beauty Bar.  The harsher cleansers in ordinary soap and premium cleansing soap bars can contribute to damage to the top layer of skin, making it harder for skin to maintain its own natural moisture, leading to dry skin.



Dove Spa Party With My Girls ......We watched the Dove video that talked about how spending more money doesn’t mean better results. ¬†Dove¬†is proven to be milder and gentler on your skin than even premium cleansing bars (perceived to be high-quality cleansing soap) that sell at a higher price. ¬†You can see the full video here.


Dove Spa Party With My Girls ......Ordinary soap and even premium cleansing soap bars can strip skin of its essential nutrients.  Dove is different.  Dove Beauty Bar is not a soap and does not dry skin like soap can.


Dove Spa Party With My Girls ........arealurbanmom enjoying her facial using the Dove Gentle Exfoliating Beauty Bar.  Dove Beauty Bar provides superior care that other premium cleansing soap bars do not.


Dove #raisethebeautybar .Photo provided by eattheburbs

Dove Spa Party With My Girls ..........What’s a party without food?

Dove Spa Party With My Girls | #RaiseTheBeautyBar
BK and Britt talked about their skin felt after having the Dove Beauty Bar facial.  They also shared their beauty and fashion needs.  They offered their go to products.
Dove Beauty Bar provides soft, smooth, healthy-looking skin in 7 days.  Dove Beauty Bar maintains skin appearance, texture, clarity, even tone and brightness over time (based on 4-week clinical trial of Dove vs. ordinary soap).

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