Gabi Fresh X 2016



It’s clear that Gabi Gregg of is establishing herself as a force to be reckoning with when it comes to swimwear.  Ms. Gregg has long be known for her fashion sense.  Her style choices have pushed her well past the plus size blogger niche she pioneered.  I had the opportunity to ask Gabi a few questions about her latest collaboration with that launches today.  I’ve also included photos of the complete collection.


LaToya “What was the inspiration behind this collection?”

Gabi “Each suit was inspired by something different. As a consumer, I’m really inspired by what trends are already out there that are hard to find in plus—that goes both for swimwear and sportswear. I look at street style and runways and find prints or elements I like and keep them in mind for my next collections.”


The Baroness, $98


LaToya “How long did it launch to complete this collection?”

Gabi “I’ve been working on it for 9 months now! I turned in my first sketches last April, which seems crazy in retrospect.”


The Countess, $98


LaToya “How many pieces will be offered?”

Gabi “There are 12 swimsuits (both bikinis and one pieces), and 2 coverups.”


The Tsarina Bikini, $98 and The Tsarina Cover Up (sold separate)


LaToya “How did you come up with the colors and patterns?”

Gabi “Off the top of my head, really! Again, I look for inspiration and save things in a folder on my desktop, and some things I just remember to keep in mind. Other things I just know I want—like this year with the lip print one piece, it was just something I’d been wanting to do in a color scheme that was different.”

The Duchess, $98 and The Duchess Cover Up (sold separate)


LaToya “What will your line offer to the swim wear space?”

Gabi “Statement pieces! I think the GabiFresh line is all about fashion forward pieces with fun details that stand out from the crowd. I’m also proud that the swimwear offers more support than a lot of other plus size swimsuits, and this year we expanded to an H cup.”

The Empress, $98


LaToya “Your line is traditionally listed under the “swim sexy” tab on the SSFA site, What one piece in your latest collection do you feel is the sexiest?”

Gabi “Probably the one pieces with polka dot mesh cut outs! The side panels are sheer and it’s super sexy on.”


The Marchioness, $98


LaToya “Can we expect there’ll be a swim wear collection annually?”

Gabi “Yes! At least for now. I love doing this and signed on with swimsuitsforall to do a three year deal. This is my second of those three years (though my fourth collection with them overall).”


The Lady, $98


LaToya “Do you see yourself in the near future launching a full collaboration with a brand or starting your own clothing line?”

Gabi “I would love to! It’s definitely something I’ve dreamt of for a long time, and I hope it happens soon.”


The Queen, $98


LaToya “Your brand is expanding beyond fashion. If you could design/create something other than a fashion piece what would it be and why?”

Gabi “Hmm…that’s a good question! I would love to design home decor pieces! And also creative direct a music video!”

gabi videoGabi’s #everyBODYisflawless music video

I’m excited about the new collection.  I definitely see a few pieces I’ll be purchasing.  To get more details on sizing, the return policy and links for purchase click here.


I’ll be posting which pieces I’ll be getting on snapchat.  My snapchat handle is FatGirl_Fashion

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