Review of “Wendy” wig by Outre


The Wendy Outre quick weave to me is a half wig that can be modulated into being a full wig.  The hair at the front of the cap has nice density and that will allow for this wig to be worn both ways.  The wig needed zero styling out of the packaging on my part other than placing some hair in a position to frame my face.  The packaging says self styled in 60 seconds and I agreed.  Wendy comes in 6 colors.  I have on color 1b.  The wig is labelled as high tex.  I researched the term high tex and it basically futura.  Meaning it’s heat resistant and the hair can be curled using heats in upwards to 400 degrees with an electric curling iron.  I’m not going to try to curl the hair personal until the wig is older because I do want to change the curl pattern.  When the wig is a little order I’m going to see it I can make the wig look a little more wavy and I’ll post those pictures on my instagram page @thefatgirloffashion at that time.


I love it.  It’s light and not hot feeling to my head. I can see this wig lastly a few months which is great for a $20 wig.  I purchased my wig in store.  I did look online afterwards and I’ve seen Wendy for less than what I paid but I didn’t add in shipping.  You’ll have to check.  I like the quality and the styling. I recommend the purchasing of the Wendy Outre wig if you’re looking for a inexpensive long curly wig.  

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