My winning story | The Illinois Lottery Erykah Badu Concert



I love all things Chicago! Being born and raised in Chicago the Taste of Chicago has been a must attend event every year.  The food draws you in.  Imagine having delicious sample sizes of the best to eat and drink that Chicago has to offer.  Then add in the good citizens of Chicago.  Followed up with live music at the Petrillo band shell. That’s a recipe for a great time.  This year my experience included The Illinois Lottery.  I was treated to The Illinois Lottery Erykah Badu Concert and it was my best time ever at the Taste!  I made sure to come early to get a good seat.  I was accompanied by my good friend Dana as well as food blogger and friend Rachel of  We mingled at the food tent for longer then we probably should have, lol.  The food provided for the invited guest was very tastily.  I’m still thinking about those fish tacos now.  There was a little something for everyone.  To top it off they had the cutest rice crispy treat as dessert decorated in The Illinois Lottery traditional colors of blue and yellow.   


We were drawn outside by the roar of the crowd.  I know the music was about to start.  First up was Trombone Shorty.  A New Orlean native who sure can blow!  I was not familiar with his music before hearing him play at the concert.  I can say he’s earned himself a fan.  He played uptempo beats to traditional New Orleans marching brand sound.  Which had a few ladies twirling their umbrellas.  He had us all up and moving.  I loved it! 


After Trombone Shorty got the crowd warmed up Erykah Badu took to the stage and did her thang.  She dawned a large hat that when removed revealed a beautiful turban.  She also worn her feather wings.  Let’s just say I was here for her fashions.  Erykah’s live singing voice is just as beauty as she is.  She sung all my favorites.  My heart was happy.  It was like singing along with an old friend.  From “Bag Lady” to “Call Tyrone” I was taken back to my very first time I was introduced to her music.  Beyond singing Erykah Badu AKA Fat Belly Bella was funny.  She’s a true performer.  She had us laughing.  She even joked around with the sign language interpreter.  She mention how many years it’s been since she’s been to Chicago.  I must say Chicago welcomed her back with opened arms.  


I want to thank The Illinois Lottery for bringing Erykah Badu back to Chicago.  The Illinois Lottery Erykah Badu Concert was great.  My friends agree because we talked about it all night.  If you weren’t able to attend the The Illinois Lottery Erykah Badu Concert you can find pictures and video on social media.  Find out more about this and more events done by The Illinois Lottery by using the following link  You can find The Illinois Lottery by using the handle @IllinoisLottery on Twitter  and Instagram.  On Facebook search The Illinois Lottery to find them there.  Also, use the hashtag #IllinoisLottery #mywinningstory to see postings. You might even see me.