That Time Dave Chappelle Yondr Me At Thalia Hall


I was lucky enough to score a ticket to Dave Chappelle 15 show run in Chicago.  All 12* performances sold out in an hour.  This just shows how much people miss what Dave Chappelle offers to the entertainment space.  I went to his first show Friday.  The doors open at 5:30pm and because the shows were what I thought were standing only shows I got there right at 5:30pm.  There was already a line around the corner and down the block.  I was lucky I had a nip* for a blogger event I had gone to.  I was thinking my short ass ain’t gonna be able to see shit.  Feeling defended I waited my turn to be ticketed and Yondred.
Yondr is a phone-sock startup that Dave Chappelle partners with to stop recordings of his shows.  It’s know people sneak video camera into shows and record the artist.  With the advancement of smartphones it’s become more difficult for preforming artist to protect their work.  In teaming up with Yondr Dave is hoping to protect his new material from linking on the internet.  I would describe Yonder like putting your phone in a pouch and then having someone putting a clothing store security lock on it.  I was able to keep my Yondred phone.
The show turn out to be non assigned seat show.  When the seats on the ground level where filled people where then directed to the upper level.  I was lucky because I came solo I was able to get a single seat on the ground floor near the stage.  Without my phone I chatted with the sisters that were seated next to me.  I will admit I kept touching my locked up phone.  This did bring one thing to my attention.  I need to get a watch.  I didn’t know the time without my phone.  A man a few seats down had a watch on and the people in my row named him our leader.
While we waited we listened to the sounds of DJ Trauma.  He played a range of old school to current hip hop and R&B.  He did the damn thing.  Dave have two comedians warm the crowd up.  They both were equally funny in their own right.  The opening comedians could change.
Dave Chappelle then came to the stage.  He had me laughing from the second he made his first joke.  My man still got it.  He show was very current.  He touched on topics like interracial marriage,  gay parenting, transgender acceptance to being a dog owner.  The crowd was very mixed.  All races and ages.  We were all joined as one for 2 1/2 hours.  We were all Dave Chappelle fans.
If you get the chance to see Dave Chappelle live please do so.  I have to check this off my bucket list.  I put this right up there with other great performers I’ve seen like Beyonce, Jay Z, Nas and Lauren Hill.  I forgive you Dave for Yondring me.
Pictures below show how the Yondr looks.
 *Dave did a preview show in addition to adding one show after original sale date.


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