About Last Night


About last night.  I went for the ride of my life.  I was invite to the Odyssey for a media holiday party.  I was great.  Odyssey dining cruises on beautiful Lake Michigan.   It was a lovely escape from reality stepping aboard the elegant boat. Chicago’s shined in the background as we call eat and drink to the holiday cheer.  There was a great DJ and the service staff was top notch. The food was great and I was very happy to be in attendance.  The dancing floor had the cutest lighting.  The patten was set with LED lighting.  After partying on the lower level we all went upstairs for sweets.  The upper deck was equally as  beautiful.  The Odyssey in Chicago is having a NYE Fireworks Dinner Cruise | Thursday | 12/31/15 you can go to www.odysseycruises.com/chicago for more information.
After all that fun I went home with a fellow blogger and her mom.  I giggled all the way to my front door.  I’m now at my front door and that’s when the real adventures start.  I couldn’t find my keys.  I having had changed purses at work I was thinking I had left them there.  I then took a Uber from my house to my job in downtown Chicago.  I ran to my desk to get my keys which after looking in every drawer what seems like a million time I didn’t find my house keys.  Standing at my desk I had to think quick on my feet.  The Uber driver was so nice.  He waited while I went in search of my keys.  I also left my heels in his back seat so he really didn’t have a choice but to wait, lol.
So I’m back in the Uber with no keys but an overnight bag filled with clothes I’ve had in my desk.  I have him (the sexy Uber driver Dave) drop me at my cousin’s house.  I thinking if this wasn’t such a crazy night I would have given him my number.  So I got out of his car like dang a funny, attractive guy that didn’t look like he would take me TV when I go to the bathroom.
So likes fast forward to today.  I chatted with my girl Rachel about the Uber cutie and she like “GIRL YOU BETTER CALL HIM.”  I then put on my big girl panties and I called him though the app ( I know, I’m doing the most).  So he answers the phone and I say Hello ( in my Adele voice haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa),  This is LaToya from last night.  I was calling to see if you’d like to have dinner or a movie if you’re not seeing anyone.  A pause happen.  He most likely was trying to process what the wacko girl was trying to say.  He says “I’m married.”  *Throws phone*  I apologized for calling.  He said it was ok.  I hung up the phone and pushed out this blog post.
With all the happen I’m still smiling.  I said in my “Hello December”  post I was going to push my way into the New Year and I am.
I got my keys.

Question would you have called him?
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