TheFatGirlofFashion was born out of the voice that LaToya wanted to give to the plus size community in¬†Chicago. ¬†LaToya was on social media and wasn’t seeing people that looked like her and that were from where she’s from. ¬†LaToya wanted the world to know that Chicago had women that were plus size and fashionable. ¬†Due to community engagement thefatgirloffashion was expanded to lifestyle because blog visitors wanted to discuss things like travel, food, and reviews. ¬†LaToya’s motto is “I’m happy with me.” ¬†She believes if you are happy with yourself than you will be more likely to live life on your own terms. ¬†LaToya is an advocate for people who have been told being different is bad. ¬†LaToya wants to show that the “standard media idea of beauty” is not all the world should find beautiful. ¬†LaToya wants to be a resouce for people looking for something new and exciting. ¬†Like the world thefatgirloffashion is ever changing. ¬†LaToya hopes you continue to come back to thefatgirloffashion blog as a¬†source for¬†relevant content. ¬†¬†

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