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Anthropologie Your Days Are Numbered!

With employees revealing a secret “code name” for their black customers.  Anthropologie miss me with your fake ass Maya Angelou quote post.  You know damn well you don’t care about showing solidarity with Black customers, Black creators or Black people in general.  The Black Lives Matter movement is nothing but a hashtag to you.  Anthropologie your days are fucking numbered!  Read on here….. 


Confidence, Body Image, and the Plus-Size Woman

In reading thecurvyfashionista I saw the site’s founder challenged media outlets to cover the plus size beyond standard topics.  In the article Plus Size Media Topics that Should Get More Coverage one topic mention was Confidence, Body Image, and the Plus-Size Woman.  Today I take up that challenge. Read on here….. 


Fat girl joy

Fat Girl Joy

As if being Black in America wasn’t already hard add on being a fat black woman and damn the struggle for joy can get real intense.  Imagine you’re just going about your day minding your own business and some picks you to spotlight you as their target of hate.

Being both Black and a woman is already a struggle.  Now add “online doctor” random chiming in on your health.  This could be living trauma.  However, I protest with Fat girl joy.  Read on here….. 

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