Jealous Of My Future Self

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The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.  We’ve all heard this before right?! We’ve been told repeatedly “People are never satisfied with their own situation; they always think others have it better.”  However, thinking like that can make a girl complacent.  Thinking like that can have a girl stuck.  Sometime the grass on the other side is so green you can make your old self green with envy.



I’ve found myself thinking why not me.  I then have to step back and remember what’s for me is for me.  For now I have to take care of my own grass until I get to the other side.  I have my own journey.  I have my own testimony.  I see people getting breaks I wish I had but I can’t envy them.  I know I’ll never win that way.  I must support my sisters whenever possible.  I think that’s we as women trend to be jealous of what other women have.  Focusing on what other’s have will make you lose track of all the blessings you already have.  I can only jealous of my future self because that girl is truly living the life I want.


To get ready for our future selves we must work on the current us.  However we see our future self we have to work hard to get ourselves there.  If you want to make more money.  Look for a new job that pays more or go back to school for a degree.  If you want to loss weight start working out or skip that late night snack.  If you want to meet new people start going out more.  Start being jealous of your future self!  But let’s not forget to support others on our journey to our future selves.  Compliment the girl at work when you notices she spent a little more time of her makeup.  Tell the lady on the train her hair looks nice when you see she’s done something different with her hair.  When you see me on the gram double tap a playa’s pic, lol.  Your future self will thank you for it!


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Dress โ–ช similar | Tights โ–ช options | Shoes โ–ช similar | Cape โ–ช thifted 



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