My #theCurvycon Experience

theCurvycon TFGOF.JPGPictured: theCurvycon co-founders Chastity Garner Style Valentine and CeCe Olisa


As a plus size woman I needed theCurvycon. ¬†Often times when I attend any fashion event I’m the largest woman in the room. ¬†Many of the looks are not even sized for me to purchase so when¬†I found myself in¬†a room full of fabulous fatties I truly felt better about myself. ¬†Personal I don’t have self-esteem issues. ¬†I’ve been plus size since a preteen. ¬†I’ve always enjoyed fashion but didn’t have many options. ¬†As an mature woman much hasn’t changed. ¬†I’m still a plus size lover of fashion but there are a few more fashion options to select from. ¬†But still have less clothing options to select from then my straight size friends can make even the most confident woman feel less than. ¬†theCURVYcon reminded me that there are many fabulous women and men of size and they have her servicing fierce fashion on a silver platter.

theCurvycon is a two-day event that connects top plus size brands, gorgeous fashions fans, shopaholic, bloggers and their readers.  There was something for every type of curvy chick.

Day one was all about¬†healthy curves. ¬†There was a full workout session hosted theCurvycon co-creator CeCE Olisa. ¬†She was accompanied¬†by body positive health instructors¬†Jessamyn Stanley and Anowa Adjah. ¬†theCurvycon provided yoga mates for everyone who needed one at no cost. ¬†This small gesture was wonderful because some of the attendees said they hadn’t worked out in years. ¬†Another attendee noted it was good working out with a bunch of women that looked like her while being instructed by women that also looked like her.

theCurvycon TFGOF 1Pictured: Jessamyn Stanley and Anowa Adjah directing theCurvycon fitness class


Day one of¬†theCURVYcon for regular ticket holders was concluded with Dia&Co’s sip and shop hosted by plus size swimsuit designer/blogger Gabifresh. ¬†Platinum ticket holder were whisked away to a cocktail reception with Gwynnie Bee. ¬†Gwynnie Bee treated the platinum holder to food, fashion and fun. ¬†All things I love! ¬†They even got a first look at the new Rachel Antonoff¬†collection for Gwynnie Bee.


¬†Gwynnie Bee‘s¬†theCurvycon¬†platinum holder¬†cocktail reception


Day two was jammed packed with panels on everything from plus size shopping issues,  Becoming a successful blogger/vlogger,  achieving real confidence, dating, the body positive movement and everything in between!  While all the panels were happening there were many plus size vendors selling so many items to cater to the plus size shopper.

theCurvycon co-founders gave a talk called “Designing your Curves” with Ashley Nell Tipton, winner of Project Runway. ¬†I was great to hear about how she is overcoming her own weight struggles. ¬†I asked ¬†Ashley about her own personal style. ¬†She quickly answered “Pinup, A classic look with a sexy edge!”


theCurvycon Ashely TiptonPictured: Ashley Nell Tipton, winner of Project Runway season 14


Designing your Curves was followed by a lunch -n- learn called Finding Your Personal Style.  The panelists each spoke on how they navigated though the negative noise to find their voice and come into their own personal style.


Designing your curves¬†was followed up with a talk with celebrity stylist Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins. ¬†Known for dressing her sisters, gospel superstars Mary Mary, ¬†Goo Goo said “It’s ok to show a little skin in church just be respectable with it.”

thecurvycon googooPictured:¬†theCurvycon co-founders Chastity Garner Style Valentine & CeCe Olisa with¬†Thomasina “Goo Goo” Atkins (middle)


There was a panel called “Dear Retailer” ¬†This panel was standing room only as¬†many plus size fashionistas used this was an¬†opportunity¬†to voice their issues with retailers over everything from cost and quality to plus options and the timeliness of fashion trends. ¬†JCPenney’s¬†VP of Women¬†Brand Trend Design,¬†Nathan Laffin, said “The plus community is very organized and is being heard. ¬†The plus size buying power is not being over looked.”

thecurvycon dear retailerPictured:¬†“Dear Retailer”Panel

Day two ended with a conversation on¬†“The Art of Dressing Curves”and theCURVYcon organizers, Chastity and CeCe, announcing that theCURVYcon would be moving from June and leaving what has become to be known as Full Figure Fashion Week to become a part of New York’s Fashion Week in September.

thecurvycon 2017


Just when I thought it was over Instagram star Tokyoxvanity came and rocked the crowd with a special performance.



thecurvycon hashtag    You can see highlights from theCurvycon by following the hashtag #theCuvrycon on social media

theCurvycon left me¬†with my soul feeling blessed up! The plus community was in full force. ¬†Chastity and CeCe¬†allowed women of size to say #HEREIAM! ¬†I’m thankful¬†to all my blog and social media friends that read my thoughts who recognized me while I was there and expressed to me that my voice is being heard. Please know all the selfies we took, the laughed we shared and stories of confidence in the face fear will be forever etched on my heart. ¬†Thank you XOJane¬†for the opportunity to cover this amazing event. ¬†I can’t wait to see what theCurvycon will bring next year. ¬†Tickets for¬†theCurvycon¬†2017 went on sale Sunday and already have buyers. ¬†I’ll be there!

You can read more about my theCurvycon 2016 experience¬†here¬†and you can get a ticket for¬†2017’s theCurvycon here.

thecurvycon 2017 thefatgirloffashion


Lately I‚Äôve be doing most of my posting on¬†snapchat¬†@fatgirl_fashion. ¬†My¬†snapchat¬†friends were the first to¬†know about the¬†location¬†I selected for my¬†blog‚Äôs 3rd year anniversary brunch that happened on June 12th. ¬†They saw first hand¬†Beyonce‚Äôs Formation tour¬†in ATL. ¬†And of course my NYC ¬†trip for¬†theCurvycon. ¬†I’ll be attending the Taste of Chicago to see the Roots with the Illinois Lottery. ¬†I went last year and you can read about my¬†Erykah Badu¬†experience here ¬†And L.A. in August for some fun in the sun. ¬†Be sure to follow me there so you don‚Äôt miss any of the action. ¬†¬†can be found on¬†Instagram @theFatGirlofFashion,¬†Facebook¬†/thefatgirloffashion¬†and¬†Twitter¬†@fatgirl_fashion¬†also.

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