Don’t throw that M.A.C. out (Back to M鈥鈥 Program)



Back to M鈥鈥 Program is a program were M鈥鈥 accepts returns of its primary packaging.聽 By returning six [6] M鈥鈥 primary packaging containers to a M鈥鈥 counter or M鈥鈥 Cosmetics online, you鈥檒l receive a free M鈥鈥 lipstick of your choice as a thanks to you. 聽Since 100% of the retail selling price of Viva Glam Lipsticks is provided to organizations that help people living with HIV/AIDS, these colours are excluded from this program.


Most primary packaging of M路A路C products is accepted as Back to M路A路C “currency.” M路A路C does not accept the following as a part of the program:

1.Secondary packaging of any sort [paper box, plastic/cellophane wrapper, shopping bags, etc.]聽2.Samples [sample containers, special/trial size products for promotional/seasonal kits]聽3.Cosmetic applicators/tools [disposables, puffs, sponges, scissors, spatulas, swabs, sharpeners , tweezers, curlers]聽4. Accessories [bags, belts, makeup cases, lashes, Blot Film].
Remember to recycle your mac cases so you can get a free lipstick!
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